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Article regarding starting a business centered around your passion.
Can Your Passion Bring Prosperity?

Are you working a job or in a career that you really hate? You drag yourself out of bed daily to go to a job that pays well, but you still feel empty. Maybe you are in a job where you are underpaid and unappreciated.

If this is you then just know you are definitely not alone. You are among 70% of Americans that hate their jobs or are totally disengaged. We have dismay for our sources of employment for many reasons, be it the management team, lack of growth opportunities, or maybe the salary.

Maybe you are feeling trapped and feel there is no way out. I am here to tell you there is a way out! So your next question is most likely what do I do?

Where do I go from here?

Two years ago, I was in the same position you're in now. I was trapped, underpaid and unhappy most days. My job was mentally stressful. When I thought about changing jobs, I realized that was not what I wanted to do, either.

So I started asking myself some questions to gain perspective on what I want to do.

1. Where do my passions lie?
2. What can I do that will bring happiness as well as the opportunity to earn a living?

With just those two simple questions, I could write about my passion and define my purpose. I'm passionate about helping others, and always have volunteered and done outreach work.

I also enjoy helping other entrepreneurs reach their goals. With these objectives in mind, I was able to create my ideal business- a virtual assistant. This job description satisfied my two most important criteria for work.

I wasn't sure if just my passions would be enough, but I was willing to use my creativity to make my virtual assistant business stand out. I was also willing to change my mindset and overcome my fears.

When I accepted that the first few months would be shaky, I decided to make sure that my business model stood out. I researched what other virtual assistants were offering, and I saw an opportunity to be unique.

1. I made my rates competitive to attract other new entrepreneurs.
2. I was willing to share new start- up advice with my customers.
3. I was willing to work around my customer's schedules.
4. I was willing to not be an overnight success.

These attitudes and extras helped me to take my passion to prosperity.

Find Your Niche

Your passion will help you find that lucrative business. Even if it's being done by someone else, what can you bring to the table that sets your approach above the competition?

Another resource for anyone thinking about being an entrepreneur is hiring or finding a mentor. Mentors have been there and done that and save countless headaches and dollars for a new business owner.

The Small Business Administration has six separate mentor programs, often for specific populations like women, veterans, or minorities.

Overcoming your fear in showing your ideas or business model to someone with knowledge means you can get sound advice.

Who's in Your Network?

People today are connected by interest and the internet. Who's in your network that might give you advice or encouragement to create your start- up? You might be surprised at the resources when you ask for help.

Also, books by others will give you either step- by- step directions or let you see that others in a similar situation have succeeded. I have the pleasure of working with Gerri Chambers, author of Paycheck to Prosperity. I highly recommend getting this book and grabbing onto the message.

Find individuals that can objectively encourage your pursuit of your own business. Check your local listings for colleges, libraries, and schools offering seminars on your interest or business opportunities.

Go for It!

I'm not exceptionally brave, but when I weighed how trapped I felt in a dead- end job, I took the risk and started my own virtual assistant business. I would encourage you to find your calling or passion and pursue it.

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