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Late Pop star Michael Jackson was likely a saint -- in his own mind.
A Paradox of Rationalization

The late Michael Jackson likely believed that Alejandro Avila, the man guilty of young Samatha Runnion's senseless murder, was a despicable monster. Society, it seems, has yet to come to terms with how many pedophiles -- if not most -- likely justify their actions based on the contrasts between themselves and those who brutalize and often kill the children they molest.

Meanwhile, Jackson, if guilty of his alleged transgressions, represents a different breed of monster who wraps himself in rallying flags of caring and generosity. Such individuals which probably include abusive Catholic priests among others, may well be utterly oblivious to the psychological damage they inflict on kids. Completely unaware and disbelieving that any harm could ever result from their expressions of tenderness, compassion, kindness and love.

They are the anti-sociopaths who scourge souls rather than bodies, whose flamboyant guise of altruism, of their own childlike innocence, engenders sympathy and praise from impassioned supporters and bystanders alike.

The following axiom captures, I think, the essence of the problem in question:

Gentle acts of inappropriate kindness and affection are not made virtuous solely by comparisons with their most horrific opposites. Rather the value of loving behavior should be weighed against deeds that exemplify the highest of moral and ethical ideals.
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