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A thought-provoking look at how the human mind can accommodate incongruous beliefs.
The workings of the human mind
are strange and complex to behold.
The same person can fervently
believe two seemingly incongruous
ideas through the process
of rationalization that allows
square pegs to fit with round holes.

Rationalization … how else can
the same person be both a racist
Ku Klux Klan-er and a staunch,
church-going Christian?
Worship Jesus while hating Jews?
Think themselves a Christian who
expects to go to Heaven but who
uses the N-word and laughs?
Consider themselves a good
Catholic while being a Nazi?
Carry the word of God and
build churches to settle
the Old West while murdering
the Native American peoples
who lived there?

Without rationalization could
a person consider themselves:
A good spouse while having
an adulterous affair? A good parent
while verbally abusing their child?
An honest person while carting home
supplies from work? A good friend while
breaking confidences shared?
A true Christian who happens to
hate gays, the homeless, and
the impoverished, illegal immigrants
seeking to better their lives,
all the while loving guns and
the gun culture in America?

Rationalization allows a person
to hate big government and
to fear socialism while accepting
Social Security and Medicare checks,
driving on interstate highways,
and supporting the Armed Forces.

Indeed, the extent to which the human
mind can comfortably accommodate
opposing beliefs is somewhat bewildering
to behold and even harder to understand.

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