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beginning of new shortstory, enjoy!
She was still sleeping when I met her again, and she would be sleeping for a very long time. Many attempts to wake her up were made, she tried herself as well, but of course with little progress. When someone is that lost in their dreams, I can't help but thinking it can't be a good idea to try to shake them out of it just like that. They will wake up believing that the dreams actually happened as a thing of the past, or that they are an on going continuum in another reality parallel to this one. Or even worse, that this world, that you and I live in, is a dream and that other world is the real one. I really think you should be careful dealing with a mind like hers. She was a rare one of her kind, head in the clouds and afraid of anything that touched the ground, including her own feet. Hazy eyes.
If you were a lucky one, if you managed to meet her at the exact right moment, if you spoke to her in the right way, used the right words, she would reach out and pull you up there right beside her. But it was a gamble. It couldn't be too intentional, too obvious. If you somehow had access to the code and knew how to handle her, you still needed to be very careful. She would pick up on the smallest signals. Hesitate, even for a tiny portion of a second, and the clouds would turn pitch black. When that happened, she would get a tired look on her face. She would turn around, apologetically but without any sign of remorse, and push you right off.
I myself have been there many times. You would think she would know me by now. Since I don't expect everyone to be a cloud-drifter, or have the knowledge required to understand the mind of a cloud-drifter, I'll offer a short insight into her world.

It’s a very lonely place to spend your time, I can tell you that much. Imagine your world being just about as stable as a plane in turbulence and as reliant as the weather forecast. That’s her world. Just about anyone or anything can come and go with a wind turning her light spring rain into a tornado.
“It’s all about attitude” she said “A warm summer day can annoy me as much as autumn snow can annoy the next man. Look at this” she gave the pile on the side of the ally a playful kick. I felt my stomach turn over since I was sure it was a rock. She certainly wasn’t dressed in the right footwear for rock kicking. Both of us had been caught off guard by this sudden snowfall. I hunched and pulled my jacket tighter around me, she skipped like a child, hands in pockets on a buttoned down coat. The snow covered stone turned out to be a pile of leafs. When she kicked she sent them flying and they spread across the white freshly laid carpet. “Look how the colors stand out even more now, see how the reds changed? How you can see even more nuances now?” I looked at her pointing at the leafs. On the snow covered lawn I could only see scattered dead leftovers. It was only in her eyes I could see the colors reflected by her enthusiasm. She couldn’t understand this. “Look” she urged me again when she noticed my focus was attached to her rather than the ground. “Yes, I see” I said and forced my eyes to let go of her.

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