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by Jo
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late night thoughts on a starry ceiling and a blank sky
Sometimes, late at night, I stare up at my ceiling and envision the stars. Thoughts of all of the constellations which hover above us filling my head; disconnected scientifically yet connected by manmade thoughts. If I just close my balcony door and kill all lights, I can almost make out the shape of Ursula Major in the white paint above me, her dipping spoon slipping it's way into my sleeping patterns. Such symphonies of galaxies proven by man but so surreal to man's minds could not simply be a sight to look at but furthermore, a beautiful concept to be pondered at and yet never understood. Simply accepting the possibility of existence without demanding an explanation. Yes that's it, acceptance. Because the acceptance of the unknown gives the human mind far more reason to imagine what lays beyond the starlit sky than the facts of how the stars actually got there.
Then again, sometimes, late at night, I stare up at the stars and can only envision a ceiling.
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