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by Shells
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Could cognitive reasoning be preventing us from connecting and working together?
         To be passionate about issues and ideas, or art. Sometimes these are phases and we get over them really fast. So, when you have an interest in something, do not ever shut up about it and give up, make sure it's all they hear out of your mouth and see your actions because it's real. It's permanent. This is what makes you who you are, identify with that. With what you enjoy and have strong opinions about what you do enjoy and do not enjoy.

Huh, but wait a minute because doesn't that make you obnoxious and ignorant to be so insensitive?

         I'm not talking about talking down, I'm speaking about lifting up. By no means should falsified information be conjured and presented, only to favor and to serve one or few. So question..why does this make you uncomfortable? Should we refrain from feeling sorry that we are not afraid of being heard or, being afraid of being heard? About things that bother them so they don't bother other people, the things that keep them up at night? Do we shove this aside, simply, because they don't wanna think about it and sweep it under the rug?

         So many people sweep what makes them breathe and ache under the rug because it's such a terrible thing to be human. It's easier to pretend you don't care, it's 'cooler' to be 'chill' because no one wants to think about it but everyone wants to complain. So we do nothing about it. Nothing would get done, the apathetic reasoning, that no one would do anything. If we all made the first move, would we not move together, much like that of the oars on a galley, sailing through a storm? It's not we human beings are passionless, we are only oppressed because we oppress each other. No one these days is compassionate, or much less wants to express it. We express with emotion by means of cognition, to be ignorant is not to question the moralization gaps in our society and why some have their escapes from reality and ditch sobriety, because we don't just treat people like damaged goods we neglect ourselves and we are then left with a question, what is our livelihood? A generation of instant gratification beyond the realms of our own realizations?

Huh. So tell me, what are your passions?
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