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Many people in the U.S utilize over the counter medication. Very few give thought to what transpired behind the scenes to generate this medication. These medications that are made to terminate human suffering cause a dissimilar kind of grief. Animal suffering. Animals are used to create these medications and medical treatments. Many animals expire in the procedure and some are wounded eternally. This is an engagement that is now beginning to touch the hearts of many in the world. Animal testing must be brought to a close. Animals should not have to suffer in this way. Research shows that 19.5 million animals die every year in animal testing. Many wonder how many animals are to be killed before this unethical practice comes to a halt.

First of all, animal testing occurs in millions of labs around the globe everyday, but that does not make it right. Animal testing introduces inhumane acts to animals of many species. Animals are kept in cages packed together with little care provided to them. Many animals are even killed after the experiments take place. The experiments that are carried out cause permanent damage to the test subjects, which often result in death or major injury.

Further more, animal testing also has a very steep price for labs. First, animal testing is expensive. Moreover, despite its high price tag animal testing is also very inaccurate. In addition, Study's show that many medical items that have been tested on animals continue to claim the health of many consumers. This is due to the undeniable fact that humans and animals are not and will never be completely the same.

Lately a faction of people have begun argue that animal testing saves lives and that it is the only effective way to test medications. This is untrue due to the obvious reason that there is a countless quantity of diverse methods to check a product for safety hazards that might be harmful to humans. In addition, animal testing has proved over an extensive period of many years to be more costly than alternate methods.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that we must attempt to put a halt to animal testing. If animal testing continues, more innocent creatures will perish all in the name of what product producers continue to call safety. Human safety, as important as it may be, cannot be made to exceed the safety of other living species. Lastly, animal testing is cruel and unusual. It must be stopped.

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