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Louise took my arm and led me towards the imposing structure of the mansion. “Come on, I’ll prove it’s true.”

“No, I don’t believe you,” I replied.

As we stopped in front of the building, I was struck by the hideous, stone gargoyles protruding from the walls. They all looked fierce, with maniacal expressions.

We walked through the large, worm eaten door and I was hit with the icy interior. The first thing I noticed was a pile of workman’s tools propped against the wall. They looked old, out of place in today’s construction business. Louise explained, “Now that is an interesting story. When Mr Woodchester discovered his mansion unfinished, there were tools everywhere. It’s like they left in a hurry, as though they were trying to escape from something. Some think Woodchester ran out of money and couldn’t afford to have his home finished, but that’s not true. Those men wouldn’t have left their tools, their livelihoods, behind. Something drove them away.”

I was beginning to wonder why I had agreed to go with Louise. This place was super creepy, with its cold, stone walls, rooms without floorboards and half finished stairs.

We had to step carefully to get to the upper level and, as soon as we entered the narrow, shadowy corridor, I wished I hadn’t. I couldn't move, my eyes were fixed on the far end. I shivered frosty breaths and shook my head. This wasn’t real. “I told you,” said Louise, red flashing in her eyes. “You should have believed me, that might have saved you.”

In an instant, the hideous, life-size gargoyle flew towards me, its greedy mouth open, displaying giant teeth. As it tasted my blood, I was transported. I was depleted yet vibrant. I knew I had to taste this sticky treat for myself.

302 words
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