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by Elsie
Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2044758
This poem, with metaphors, describes getting lost in the huge megacity of Shanghai, China.
I live a routine life ~1~
Governed by rules, strict schedules ~2~
There is no adventure for me ~3~
School, home, and the mall… ~4~
That’s really about it ~5~
I always keep to the right side of roads ~6~
And it takes the same amount of steps ~7~
On the yellow sidewalks to school ~8~
Every single day, every single time ~9~
But today, I am unlucky ~10~

I am lost ~11~
In the megacity I live in ~12~
This concrete jungle called Shanghai ~13~
Traffic signs change at odd intervals ~14~
But no one cares anyway ~15~
And buildings rise and fall ~16~
Almost like soap bubbles ~17~
Everyone racing through busy lives ~18~
Cars, citizens, the occasional dog ~19~
They don’t stop to enjoy the moment ~20~
They all disappear in a dull grey blur ~21~

I am lost ~22~
It’s as if I’ve never been here before ~23~
The intersection I’m standing at ~24~
Makes no sense—nothing’s familiar ~25~
I’m clueless, with help nowhere near ~26~
What should I be feeling? Panic? ~27~
Surprise? Frustration? Perhaps anger? ~28~
I’ve lived in Shanghai my whole life ~29~
Yet everything’s so new, so strange ~30~
I am a foreigner ~31~
An outsider ~32~

Help, I scream ~33~
The structures surrounding me ~34~
Are starting to spin in wild circles ~35~
The cars are stopping, turning ~36~
Driving in full speed, all towards me ~37~
The pollution in the air ~38~
Is swirling, whirling into a tornado ~39~
Peoples’ heads are morphing ~40~
Into something lesser human ~41~
It’s like a really bad horror movie ~42~
Is it me? Or is it everything else? ~43~
How do I get out of here? ~44~
I’m seriously lost ~45~
© Copyright 2015 Elsie (elsiej at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2044758