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by Mona N
Rated: E · Poetry · Psychology · #2044832
Expectations can be very misleading. Through acceptance, real colors shine.
Congratulations! It’s a girl!
A princess in her world of pink,
A baby oh so beautiful,
One day to meet her destined King,
Shell grow into a little tike,
So cute and blessed with so much grace,
A standard Barbie look-alike,
From her long-locks to glowing face,

A brother will follow her soon,
A man to protect all her tender,
The bright strong one who would stay true,
Worry not; He’ll be her defender,
He’ll work hard and succeed in life,
He’ll carry you through your last name,
And give it to his darling wife,
And make a family just the same,

But for now, you will see her grow,
From a child to the greatest dame,
Bearing beauty only gods bestow,
She’s quite the prize- a gift to claim!
But wait she’s faced a stumbled road,
As she escaped her adolescence,
She can’t bear child as gods forebode,
Her story’s crashed as fates have lessened,

But not to fear your little one,
The boy, will grow to great success,
In school he’ll be so smart he’ll stun,
Only his age will show the mess,
When other boys are what he sees,
When dreams of love and lust appear,
Oh yes for that he will be teased,
Until his life’s his biggest fear,

Now the girl! She’s an anarchist!
What’s that she says ‘bout jobs and dreams,
That’s a man’s life one must insist,
She’s forgotten what she is it seems,
She’s the warden of the kitchen stool,
The proud head of the cleanest house,
A CEO? Is she a fool?
What work has she left for her spouse?

Your strong man is a run-away,
Leading a life of plain disgust,
He’s living proof of evil-play,
When two boys live, bound in lust,
He strayed away to house in Paris,
He draws-no see he’s unemployed,
Gods know what reasons are for this,
Your futures have been burned and spoiled,

The girl wants not a marriage,
No, The boy wants not success,
But wait all hasn’t perished,
There’s a theory we could test,
This might look like a tragedy,
But it is no lost cause,
Just misunderstood heavily,
No see this is no loss!

The girl is strong- she’s wealthy!
She’s a leader in her field,
She’s independent, happy, healthy,
And her influence is real,
She’s the subject of all talks,
She’s the player in the game,
That’s got success and futures locked,
With legendary fame,

The boy found love in others’ arms,
Sure, one who was unlikely,
But they’ve caused no one any harm,
And have got child once done filing,
Maybe one day the world would be great,
If we’d accept the human life,
For what it is, It’s not a clay,
We can force into bounds with knives,

It’s a reality in dynamic flow,
Decisions in their own hands,
Who they want to be? What they ought to know,
What they want to do- we ought to understand,
Yes life is very personal,
It’s not a social consensus,
So just allow your little girl
And boy to learn their lessons.
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