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by L.K.
Rated: ASR · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2044882
Work in progress for my yet to be named novel. An interesting visit and finding the truth.
12:46 - 20th October 20??
This little adventure I'm going on means I’ll be heading further up north. Well, I will be once I have finished clearing up and leave this beautiful little island. The weather is miserable, raining and windy but I quite like it sometimes, the beat of the rain can be quite soothing. The biggest problem in this weather is the bridge, I'm hoping it's still open. If not I shall have to wait, which will mess up my plans, I mean as it is I am running exactly 2 hours and 46 minutes late (not counting the seconds), which is going to take its toll on my journey.

Alas, I have to finish fixing the window before I can even flirt with the idea of setting off. See, I'm going to have a little adventure up to the most northerly point of the UK, well the bit you can get to by car or foot, sounds fun right? No? I mean to be fair, I am effectively talking to myself. I can't really see anyone else reading my diary, I have no children or close family. Why would they read my diary anyway? What if there is a stranger reading it and I am dead. It could be years in the future and they find a battered diary in some rubble, rubbish or abandoned building...This is off topic and I really don't have fun so for future me or future stranger I'll divulge why it is that I am now running late on my little adventure. Meaning that I have literally only just about to get on the road after writing this up. This is going to be a weird entry for me, it's one that I needed to make like this in order to keep these events penned down. It is important to me. It has to be written sort of like a story, that's just the way it is. Don't question yourself, future me.

10:00 - 20th October 20??
I'd already loaded some food into my trusty steed (Future me, that is my car) and was in the process of getting my bag ready to head off when there was a tap on the window. I had no idea what window of course, in a cottage with so many windows it was hard to figure out what one exactly was being tapped on. That was, till I saw him, standing there as proud and strong as ever. Maybe a little more muscular that I last saw him and his hair was slightly longer. It had been a while since my eyes had been graced by the site of him, and my, was he dashing as ever.

"Mr Truken." I chimed, opening the patio door on which he had so rhythmically tapped. "Fancy a cuppa?"

The man, Sebastian Truken, smiled and followed me into the kitchen, taking a seat on my corner sofa. There was a couple of bags scattered around that still needed to be packed into the car.

"You will have to forgive the mess; I was in the process of...going on a little adventure." I called from the kitchen, flicking the switch on the kettle and smiling at that satisfying sound of the water gurgling as it started to boil.

Standing in the doorway between my kitchen diner and the living room I scanned over the man sitting comfortably on my sofa. While I have to admit part of me was thrilled to see him, another wanted to scrawl up in a ball and die, it was equally as painful to see him. One thing I’m sure of though, it would take a lot for this man to visit me.

"How old would you be now Mr Truken? 90? 100?" I asked.
"410." He said with a smirk on his lips "you knew that though, it’s just your half-hearted attempt to flatter me."
"But of course."
"So I see you haven't changed a bit look wise, though this place is a little...different to what I envisioned you to have scurried away to.”
"It's homely."
"It’s certainly that."

The kettle clicked off and I sunk back into the kitchen without another word. Although I did catch him scanning over the living room, clear to me that he was judging my interior decorating skills. Soon returning with a tray on which sat a teapot, two teacups and saucers with all the other necessities to have tea.

"I know you’re not here for a pleasant chit chat over a quaint tea. So what is it that has caused you, of all people, to come and find li’l old me, all the way out here?" I stirred the tea "Sugar?”
"Please." I gave him his tea and sat with mine on the sofa opposite.
"You made a thorough job of disappearing-"
"Obviously not thorough enough." I murmured, sipping my tea.
"-No real traces that lead to here were left behind." He continued, ignoring my comment "It took me a while to find you. But I had a hunch of where to look. Though it seems I a-..."

Sebastian was not surprisingly cut off mid-sentence by a mighty crash in my kitchen. I rose to my feet, placing my teacup back in its saucer and spun on my heels to see into the kitchen. There was glass shattered all over the floor of my lovely kitchen.

"That was the only place that was actually tidy." I cried, disheartened.
"You're lack of priorities still amazes me." Sebastian stated, standing over my shoulder.
"What have you brought with you?" I murmured under my breath much to his amusement.

The moment I stepped foot into the kitchen I was hit by a mass of black and grey. Its short fur meant you could see every part of bulging muscle as it moved. I landed with a thud on the floor, this creature pinning me to it. For a moment I stared up into its disturbingly brown eyes and for that moment we were both still; I dared not breathe or open my mouth as enough of its drawl was slinking down my face as it was. In that moment I completely forgot that Sebastian was there, till the gun shots rattled through my quiet little home and the beast was thrown sideways off of me, slamming into the side of the table and falling in a heap of mangled black and grey fur on the floor.

I stumbled up and started to wipe the saliva off of my face when I felt it moving by my feet. Without thinking I kicked my foot out and slammed into the creature’s jaw to which I was rewarded with a satisfying crunch, even more satisfying then the gurgle of the boiling water. Sebastian followed this will 3 more shots into the creature. Although our efforts were only making the creature more enraged than ever. It let out an ear bursting screech and swiped at me awkwardly. Even though Sebastian pulled me out of the way a claw grazed across my leg causing me to hiss in pain. Sebastian picked up one of the chairs from around my battered table and cracked it over the downed creature. It gave another howl as wood shattered all over it and it was forced back to the ground, hard.

"My Chair!" I screeched dismayed.

First this, this thing breaks my window, then scratches up my floor, then crashes into my table and now Sebastian has destroyed one of my chairs. I bet it wasn't even the one that squeaked! While I was standing mid fight contemplating what had been broken and how late I was going to be Sebastian was wrestling with the beast, they tumbled over each other, the creature catching Sebastian’s face with its long claws, slicing across his cheek. As blood trickled down his face he found some strength, and sense. Swiftly he pushed at the bullet wound on the beasts shoulder, weakening its hold of him and allowing him to push it back. He proceeded to roll on top and strike it hard, repeatedly in the face. With every hit the creature let out a pained whimper. When the creature lay still and Sebastian was satisfied it wasn't going to get up again he got off and wobbled over to the island of my newly ruined kitchen-diner. Leaning on it he panted in an attempt to compose himself, his hands bloody from hitting the beast so viciously.

"So" I piped up "from that, I'm guessing his not with you."
"Like I...was...trying to...say..." He panted "it seems I'm not...the only one who is...aware of your whereabouts."
"I see, and this?"
"Take a guess."
"Ah. I thought he died. Horribly. In a dark hole somewhere. Alone."
"Apparently not."
"In which case..."

Trailing off as I padded to the kitchen counter. I took one of my sharp knives out of the holder on the counter and walked over to the beast.

"What are you..."

Sebastian started but stopped as I jammed the knife into the chest cavity of the creature, which let out a bone chilling screech. Its eyes flicked open, wide and fixed on me as it slowly slipped away.

"If it is indeed one of his then you should know by now that they are NEVER that easy to kill."

Sebastian nodded and looked at the creature now laying with a knife protruding out its chest, a broken jaw and multiple gunshot wounds. Its fur was soaked with blood in places and, honestly, it was a morbid sight.

"Must you have used a gun though? The neighbours would have heard that. What am I meant to tell them?"
"You'll think of something." He said as he stepped out of the broken kitchen patio door and went to his car.

His car was a deep blue fiesta; small, reliable and nippy little thing. He reversed it to the broken mess and popped open the boot. We then lifted the corpse of the beast up and squeezed it into his boot. It looked rather strange in there, a bunched up, sharp toothed, mutant creature that only just fit in the car. As he went to close the boot I stopped him.


I hurried over to my cupboards and rummaged around and found a large jar with one of my blends in at the back, pulling it out and brought it to the counter. I could see the confusion painted on Sebastian’s face and this almost made me jump for joy, which was one thing I missed about the peculiar fellow. I walked back over to the trunk and scattered a fair amount over the body while Sebastian watched intently.

"Why?" He asked, the confusion in his voice was excellent "I'm not going to cook it..."
"It’s to stop the smell. Do you actually want to be driving back with that awful smell? And what about when you take the car back? Because, yeah I had noticed, it’s a rental. Do you really think they would appreciate the rancid smell of creepy, dead beast lingering in the material? I think not. This will make it sliiiightly easier for you to clean." I was very pleased with myself at this point. "And its taking up room in my cupboard."
"You really haven't changed..." Sebastian murmured, his voice filled with so many emotions I want sure which was his true motive, slowly shaking his head as he clicked closed the boot and reached the driver’s side door.
"I will be in touch, so don’t stray too far."
"You forget, I live here, this is my home."
"You lived back in town, that was your home, but you left there."

The lack of emotion in his voice made my flesh bump.

"Why not just let it kill me?"

Momentarily he stopped, froze completely. I could almost hear the cogs turning in his head as he appeared to be deciding what to tell me. In the end I got nothing, he got in and was gone, speeding up the road. I sighed and looked at the mess, then the time.


I grabbed some wood that I had stored from the window's being boarded up when I bought the place. It wasn't a permanent fix but it would do for now. There hadn't been a burglary in these parts for what...10 years? It was probably safe to leave it broken, but then the rain and wind would get it, and maybe a stray sheep. It could happen.

18:17 - 20th October 20??
It was a long uneventful drive to the most northerly point of the UK but it was nice after this morning’s antics, and of course it took my mind off of the fact that when I got back there would be a lot of tidying up to do, so much mess. I mean really, was all that necessary? Something did bug me though. Something Sebastian said.
"I had a hunch on where to look."
But before I had time to ponder this any further my little satnav announced.

“Destination ahead.”

Glancing around I frowned as my destination was nowhere in sight. I drove on and soon reached the peak of the hill, which was when I saw it. The little house sitting all by itself, just fields, sheep and cows around it. Settled nicely with a breath-taking backdrop of the wild sea off of the shore of Scotland. I smiled as I pulled off onto the dirt track that lead up to it. As I drew closer I saw a little old lady peep out from behind the curtains, when she saw it was me driving the jeep she scurried to the door.

Inside I was greeted by a strange aroma of damp and marigolds, which were perched happily in almost all of the rooms of the house, as they always had been. Nothing in this house had changed since the last time I was here. We sat in the living room with yet another cup of tea, maybe I could finish this one.

“You’re late.” The woman said in a surprisingly young voice for such an old exterior.
“Yeah, I got a little held up by a visit from an old friend.”
“Um…yeah, yeah Truken and a little visitor.”
“One of Doctor ____’s little Pets.”
“No fun Gloria.” I said, my shoulders sinking with disappointment.
“You’re not here for fun.”
“No, but you could have at least acted surprised.”
“I’ll try next time.”
“Thank you.” I wriggled back in my seat and brought the cup to my lips. “They wrecked my home.”
“Well it’s hardly Sebastian's fault. He came to warn you.”
“Why though?”
Gloria smiled knowingly and shook her head "some things are best said by others."
"I doubt I will get a straight answer out of him."
“Can you really blame him child? You left.”
“He wanted me to.” I frowned down at my teacup making Gloria sigh and shake her head.
“I have chosen to spend my retirement here, alone-“
“With your marigolds.” I injected
“-with my marigolds, and I use my ability to keep this house the way it has always been. I’ve been doing it since I first got here, it drains me and yet every day I fall in love with this place more; I didn’t know it was possible. It never has bothered me that this comes with a price, it is worth it. I chose to sustain this little piece of wonder and as a result I’m fading, I’m getting old and I can’t do all this for much longer. When I do die, this place will crumble. As it should have many years ago.”

It was the first time I’d really noticed just how tired and frail she looked. If I didn’t know better I would have just said she was another little old lady on the brink of death. My eyes softened as I watched the deep sadness and love flood over her face as she glanced around the room. Eventually her expression changed into one of jealousy and pity, a mix only this woman could achieve.

“But you look just the same.” Was all she stated as her eyes flicked over me causing me to smile and place my cup on the table. “So why are you really here?”
“I want to know the whole story.” My eyes locked with hers and she nodded, in turn placing her cup down.
“It’s about time, Suzanne.”
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