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This was a story idea i got from one of my daughter's books i read.
The sun came up over the horizon. That was when I saw her. She was amazing. Her fins were molten gold, and how they held the light. I had heard stories of merfolk being seen here, but I never thought I'd actually see one. This mermaid was different then ones I have heard about. Her hair was raven black and it fell down her back in cottony spirals. She had skin that was the color of a milk chocolate chip, kissed with honey.
I had never seen an African American mermaid before. I assumed they did exist. If Neptune or Poseidon as he was called in the myths I'd read, was real, he was very similar to his brother Zeus. They kind of ran around with a lot of beautiful women. So naturally they had many children of all different races.
I watched as she sat and pulled her purse out of a wave. She opened it and pulled out a brush almost the same shade as her tail. I couldn't help but be mesmerized. As she brushed her hair she sung. There were no words, just a pretty wordless melody. When she finished her song, she turned in my direction and spoke.
"It's rude to stare. I won't bite, come on and introduce yourself that is if you aren't afraid of me." Said the golden mermaid.
I nearly fainted. She was right about one thing, I was scared. I didn't know how she'd react to seeing me close up. I'm pretty powerful, but this is way different, at least that was what I thought. I stood up from behind the group of bushes I'd been hiding behind.
She was still sitting there, brushing her hair. When I finally got closer I could see that she was wearing a bikini top.
"Hi. I am Goldie Sea runner. Nice to finally meet someone who hasn't ran off screaming." She said with a giggle.
"Actually, I am a little scared, but I am more curious than anything. I have never seen a mermaid before, let alone one that looks like me." I said nervously.
"What is your name?" she asked.
"My name is Halle. I live not too far from here. I'm a witch. " I said, crossing my arms.
I was still standing up. I didn't want to get within swatting reach of her tail. Mermaids were said to be like the sea, wild, fierce and unpredictable. I could sense that Goldie was not your ordinary mermaid.
"Do you mind if I sit down? I feel a little strange standing up." I said, fidgeting a little.
She looked up at me and smiled. She waved her arm and a space cleared next to her. It was completely dry sand.
"You know I don't get to meet that many humans. They usually run away screaming or they back off too terrified to make a sound. I don't bite. I am not a monster. What kind of stories do they tell about my kind up here?"asked Goldie putting her hand on her chin.
I looked over at her.
"Well, Goldie, most of the stories here are about sirens luring young sailors to their deaths, or about merman stealing women away. There is actually one about a mermaid who flooded a town, because she was kept from her intended, a fisherman's son." I explained.

Goldie threw back her raven haired head and laughed. She laughed so hard, crystals fell from her eyes. So it was true, sea folk did cry crystal tears. I scooped up a few and tucked them into a pouch I had in my skirt.
"Girl, are you serious? Flood a town? Wow. Well none of those are true. Now people do get to go down under the waves, but it's their choice. We can't drown a town. That is against our laws. There was a time when this would be illegal, but things have changed. Some of us even have magic now." She explained.
"I am a sea witch myself. I come from a long line of them. Mermaids do have a bit of natural magic, our beauty comes from it. Some of us are sirens. We are irresistible to any male living creature. There are a few male sirens too. We can cause storms, but we have to be a least within a hundred feet of the ocean, and the storms we cause aren't very strong. I am learning how to call a hurricane; I'm not so good at it though. The most I could do is just make it very windy."Said Goldie.
" Wow, you are a witch too? That would make us sister witches. I am really glad I decided to talk to you. Do you have any brothers or sisters?" I asked.
"I have four brothers and three sisters. My brothers are all off living the good life. They can change their fins to legs and live on land. That is where I got my top. Normally we donĂ¢t wear anything, but I felt a little, exposed. I come here often. I didn't want to run into kids, topless." Said Goldie.
I couldn't believe my luck. I was actually talking to a mermaid, a real live mermaid.
"Goldie I have always wondered, do all of you have that ability? To turn your fins to legs?" I asked her.
"Halle, some of us do, most like to stay in the ocean, so it might be there but just not used. I use it. When I have legs, my fins turn into a gold skirt, depending on my mood. It's pretty cool. I like to walk among you. You guys really know how to enjoy yourselves. " laughed Goldie.
My sisters would never believe that I had met a real mermaid. We had such a good conversation. We almost forgot the time. Goldie looked up at the sun, and then back at me. She smiled politely.
"Uhm, I really am glad I met you Halle. Maybe you can come for a swim with me next time. I can show you my summer cabin in Mirror Cove. Its almost time for the beach to open and I'd rather not freak any one out."Laughed Goldie as she adjusted her top.
"Oh, wow. Yeah I almost forgot the time. It was great talking to you too. I would love that. I will be at Mirror Cove tomorrow morning anyway. Have to gather some things for a spell." Halle explained as she stood up.
Goldie waved her arm and flicked her wrist slightly and the water slowly rose around her fins. It scooped her up like a hand and held her until she lowered her arm. Once she was back in the water, she waved and disappeared I returned her wave, and looked down into my right hand. I had taken a good handful of crystals after she laughed. They were sapphire blue with flecks of turquoise in them. Isis would flip over these. So would Grandma. They had never met anyone like Goldie.
When they were talking, it felt like she had done It before. Could she have met Goldie before? Why would someone want her to forget meeting her? Only one way to find out. She would have to cast a tracking spell. The spell would lead her to the one who blocked her memory of meeting Goldie.
I watched from the shoreline as Goldie's fins disappeared into the dark blue waters. She was cool, and I was overjoyed to have met a sister witch. As I walked home I had the feeling something was off. I hated this feeling cause it usually meant I was right and someone was hiding something.
When I got to my house, Jieves was sitting out on the porch. Normally this wouldn't be an odd thing to see, but instead of the calico cat I was expecting to see, sat a young voluptuous woman, combing her long cinnamon colored curls. She was wearing one of my sisters long maxi dresses, so she was covered.
"Oh you're back, " said Jieves, as she combed the part of her hair she had been working on.
"I am. I had a very interesting time at the beach." I said as Jieves finished with her comb.
She looked at me. JIeves had a way of reading people, but she could always tell when I was lying to her or anything like that.
"So you met Goldie. I always liked her. i would suggest you keep talking to her. She is a very important contact. " said Jieves as she put her detangled hair into a side ponytail.
"Jieves, what do you know about Goldie?" i asked, handing her the spray bottle that was in between us.
"She is a great friend to have. She is very resourceful and a great addition to our, uhm...Well now. I almost gave too much information. Nice try, you have to go talk to your grandma. She can tell you more." said Jieves as she began to work the comb through the pony tail she was holding.
I wasn't satisfied. Someone had prevented me from remembering our meeting and I had to know why. I went to my room and got out my duffle bag. I was going to have to go to Grandma's room to talk to her. This was a long list of ingredients so I had decided to gather the ingredients for my tracking spell. I had just finished packing my items when I looked at my doorway.
Grandma Stone was floating there. This was very odd. We normally had to call for her, but she was hovering there.
"Halle, I know what you are looking for. I want you to stop. I can tell you who blocked your memory of Golide. " said granny.
"Granny, why would someone not want me to remember meeting Golide? She's wonderful. I am supposed to go see her tomorrow. I just dont get who would do this and why" i said looking at my grandma
"You are supposed to meet, you girls will be so close. You see this has to do with your parents. Goldie is not just a sister witch. She is a sister. Your mom was having a time with your father being gone like he was she got lonely. She went to that very same spot on the beach and was bathed in gold moon light. That gold moonlight was Poseidon. He was so attracted to your mother he decided he would have her." explained Grandma.
"Wait, you mean we have another sister? So let me get this straight...The God of the Sea had a thing for my mom, while dad was trapped in his bottle. Did he really want mom to marry him?" i asked grandma as she stifled a laugh.
" Poseidon was a good friend of your father's. He wasn't at the wedding so he had never met your mom. if he would have known she was your father's wife he would not have did what he did.

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