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I no longer
entertain to
the crowds and mobs
Foolish to say I've seen enough
heard it all
been to all the places
that need going
But I am done with
it all
either way
I hate the voice
the noise
the constant tones of the people
Their insights
Their stories
Their lives
Listening intently is like a disease
but i'm not exactly looking for a cure
but not exactly seeking the sick.

Deliver me from the
Dead and Hopeless
the things that move like gears
winded up dolls
the lot of 'em
I belong to the dirt, the low, the unstable
the people you avoid
the things you don't see
the things you don't seek
that is my home
so before you approach me
I hope you've fought with insanity enough
to know there are no winners
because we all lose
and the adjustment
has long since bored you
and if you question
or doubt
such an existence
then leave me to my solitude
where the silence is the best thing that reaches my ears
and if you are this crowd
who are fine with madness
then leave
for the adjustment has long since bored me
and the solitude
is the best sound I've found
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