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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2046124
A story is being told from five perspectives. I hope you enjoy.
Chapter 1
Part 1


Hi, my name is Lucy. My friends call me shortie or blondie, thats because I'm both short and blond. We live in Melbourne, you probably have heard of it but in case you haven't, its in south of Australia. My dad is a teacher in high school and my mom is the dentist of city hospital. We live in a small apartment, almost everything is normal and as usual. But as you read on, you will come up with the unusual parts.

Last summer my dad decided to go on holidays to Europe. Mom and I were very excited because we haven't been out of Australia for ages. Of course I had visited Europe before, but I was five years old at that time so it still seemed amazing. Things were proceeding as planned, we were going to Budapest, to visit aunt marleen. But after we stepped in Europe, everything changed. Not that everyone's life changed, it was only me among the affected.

Lets just skip the part on how our flight was, it was awful okay? Or the part on which if I enjoyed Budepest or not. The important page is who did I meet in there. Nope, it isn't a romantic novel I want to share, its more than that. Its more than everything I had known my whole life and it doesn't involve Dracula, vampires or werewolves. I met a boy there, yes I did, his name was Daniel but it wasn't only him who I met. This does not get concluded on him. There were two others, his younger sister and his girlfriend.

You might've been asking why Im telling you this shit, this drama. Of course you can guess what could've happened at the happy ending for me. I kill Daniel's chick and be with him forever but no, you are terribly wrong. I admit that I tried, I tried hitting on him multiple times, but it didn't work because her girlfriend was hot as fuck and also because one night she killed Daniel and tried to kill her sister as well, before her sister vanished in an explosion of light, taking Daniel's body with her. And also before an angry slut girlfriend went to hell through some kind of portal (literally Hell).

Are you interested now? Have you had enough shock of what I just said? Or you might be just like "nah, she is just pulling my leg". Actually I dont care how you feel, but I know this for certain that you are craving to know how all this happenned. This is a story of romance and heartbreak I wanna tell you, which obviously didn't involve me and it still doesn't, but somehow I managed to fit myself in it. Unlike most of the fangirl stories, or first sight love shits, this started out of hate and ended in hate.

On my fifth day of arrival in Hungary, I was just walking along with my cousin, fattie Matt. He was twelve years old, almost 6 years younger than me but our heights were the same and I hated that. I didn't want to bring him along , it was my mom who kept sending him with me everytime I headed out, atleast fattie was happy about it. I was in a dairy shop, checking out types of yoghurt and butter and cheese, and by checking out I mean tasting them, but not buying them, when a flock of people crowded outside the shop in the park. I had two guesses, first an accident and second a fight. The first guess wasn't logical since it was in a park, no cars i mean, so it was a fight. Oh my God I loved watching boys punching and kicking and beating the crap out of each other. It really was a fight but instead of boys, to my shock and surprise, two girls were there and one was tearing the other apart.

What the hell was wrong with Europe? Was it the atmosphere or was it just that the northern hemisphere was totally the opposite of southern in every terms? Two girls! punching each other, really? can you believe that? I certainly can't. But wait there is more than just a girl fight. In our place even a regular men fight doesn't get longer than a couple of minutes. People enjoy at first yes, but they also tend to end it after some time, or some blood. These people were totally upside down because they weren't enjoying the fight, also no one was stepping in to end it. The older girl was hitting the younger like a junkie hits a street dog. You could blame them only if they were some jealous little bitches but nope, both of them were adults like me, not even teenagers.

The girls, it seemed like they had mastered martial arts. The older had dark brown hair while the younger one's was a little lighter, probably highlighted in white patterns as well. Maybe it was genetic or maybe she loved the color but it wasn't important at the moment. The important thing was that her face was covered in red and she was probably going to die where no one was trying to stop it. So I tried to step in but Matt took my hand, noding his head as a sign of no. I was angry and didn't know what he meant, later I wished I had listenned to him. Because as I entered to stop that bitch from killing an innocent girl, that mighty she-hulk held me from my chin and had me in the air like a bug for some seconds, and as I was struggling to breathe she threw me away like the cup of tea my mom used to throw at me as a child. As I was travelling backwards in the speed of light, I hit back of my head hard to something, probably a wall or a street light's stem and everything went black.

I openned my eyes in the hospital, my head, it was hurting a lot and was covered in something. Later as my consciousness rose, I discovered that the thing covering my head is called bandages and I'm in a bigger trouble than just a headache. I hadn't forgotten anything though, my memory was solid and soon I started to remember the time before I collapsed. I was remembering her saying something before she target-practiced with me. Wait, no! How in the hell could it be possible? She called me shortie, no, Lucy the shortie.

"Lucy the shortie to the rescue. Wanna go all supergirl? Let me help you. One, two, three".

She said the exact words while her hands circled around my neck tight,right before 'dang!'. I probably couldn't catch it because I'd rather breathe than listen to that bitch on that situation. But I had never met her before, not even my classmates in Melbourne know that nickname, then how can she? How did she know? Who could've told her? The only way possible was that she must've been Angela's friend to know that. But that nigga shit is in Australia, probably never have met her, just like me. Then how? …

I was mind blown, struggling with all the inquiries I have been doing to myself. Each and every question I asked myself was leading me to a dead end, when suddenly the door openned. It was the beaten girl, her face was more purple than a cabbage. She probably had brought me in hospital at first place because that is the only acceptable reason, but wait there was someone else, a boy.

"Miss Lansdale, how have you been holding up?" Said the boy.

I hadn't been called that for a while, this reminded me of the principle's office when I was facing a punishment for breaking the door of our class, by throwing a chair at it.

"Thank you, Lucy. For being there for me back in the park" said the girl, with a smile in her face.

"Wait, how do you know my name?" I asked with maximum curiosity.

Her reply was rather convincing. She said that they went through her passport after it fell down from my purse, during my backward flying practice. I asked about them, she said that they were siblings, Daniel and Arielle. The girl looked really beautiful, even with a purple beaten-up face and highlighted white hair. She had an almost mix look of Cara Delevigne and Barbara Palvin. And her brother, he looked just like Zayn Malik, only fairer and had more manly hairs which people call it beards, and I hate it. But I could change that, once he became my boyfriend. Lets not forget the important part, I asked about her too. And by her I mean that she-hulk. They looked at each other for a moment, deciding wheather to tell the truth or hide it. However,Atleast I had a name, Loreth.
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