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Focuses on the self-centeredness of our society -- No room for anyone else.
I have honestly lived long enough to learn and believe that the more things change, the more they remain the same.

I have also learned that laws on paper do not enforce themselves, and as I learned in law school, LAW IS SITUATIONAL.

Many of the things that we are still addressing today in our society can be found already dealt with in some legal document somewhere.

The problems we are experiencing has nothing to do with the laws, but with the people we put in place to enforce them. Anytime there is an emergency; it gives rise to the new legislation, new actions, new behaviors, and it appears that in every case, the end justifies the means -- any means necessary.

Too often, we take ourselves either too lightly, too seriously or too above the law that we do nothing, ever do or become entitled. In our more recent society, we have lost sight of ethics, values, character, respect, spirituality, morals, and compassion. We have become focused on ME, MYSELF, and I.

If it is not about me, myself, and I, it could not possibly be about very much, If there is nothing in it for me, myself or I, it could not possibly be worth doing. If I can't make a buck or two for me, myself and I, then let someone else do it because I am just too busy.

Our new values have been passed down to the X Generation, the Y Generation, and the rest of the alphabet. However, we are surprised when they take it to the next level. Mothers and fathers have sacrificed all of their lives to ensure shelter, food, clothing, education, and a host of other necessities but are forgotten when success arrives.

(A work in progress)
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