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This is Random I hope you like it comment below and tell me what you think.
I get up breathing heavy. I wipe the sweat off my face and try to focus on the end of the tunnel. I can see the light. I'm almost there. I start to see two exits, three. My eyes roll around and I fall back down. I dig my palms into the side of my head and scream as the feeling of a thousand nails scraping the inside if my head grow even more excruciating. I start to cry. "Damn it, let me go!" I start to crawl towards the end and I am suddenly aware of a heavy weight on my back. I claw away at nothing but its getting heavier. There's nothing there Kayla there's nothing there I tell myself. I can do this, it's all in your mind. I once again pick myself up but immediately start coughing as my lungs are filled with sawdust. I wheeze and gag and I start panicking. I clutch my throat, I can't breath, I can't breath!! I need to run to the end then it'll all be over. I start to sprint towards the tunnel and I run into something hard with my face. I feel my face and I feel my nose at an awkward angle. It hurts. I can't give up! And I run i trip over obstacles in my path but I keep running I keep running and I don't slow down I can feel myself about to pass out from lack of oxygen but I keep running and I dissapear into the light. But just as I touch it it goes dark. Why is it so dark? Hold on my eyelids flutter. I can see light again. It's bright. Too bright. I'm on a gurney. Why am I on a gurney. I see a smiling male face. "Hi Kayla I am doctor Romao, welcome back." "You gave us all a little scare, but we brought you back." I suck in a breath. The sawdust is gone. Yes, we emptied out the water in your lungs, you almost drowned in the stream behind your house, your lucky your friends pulled you out your too young to die. Was that what that was? Was I dead, did I come back to life? I smile. I won. I'm living. Im... Free.
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