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A Reboot of Strike Witches. Starting from the ground up!
Chapter 1: Yoshika Miyafuji

A girl with brown hair and matching brown eyes walks down a hallway to turn in her report. "I think they'll be happy to read this." She said, going over every page. "Okay, okay, titles are right. Text is professional. Everything is in proper order. Everyone on my team turned in their proportion. Seems to be just fine. With any luck, she'll be fine with me being late." The brown-haired girl walked to the tall young women at the end of the hall. sitting behind a desk.
"Hello." The red-haired, red-eyed woman in front of her.
"Commanding Officer Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke!" The brown haired girl said, saluting to attention.
"Always have to be proper, don't you? I've told you countless times call me Minna." Minna said to the girl. "So, I assume you're here to turn in your latest report?" Minna said.
"Yes, Officer Minna." She turned in the paper to Minna. "I'm terribly sorry for being late. I know it's unacceptable but I-"
"Gertrud, calm down. You're fifteen minutes late. That can be contributed to mere bad luck. You could of very well have tripped and had to re-organize your papers."
"But, I didn't." Gertrud said.
"Yeah." Retorted a smiling Minna. "But who really needs to know that?" She then stood up, took Gertrud's paper, and placed it into the proper tray for later.
"Hey, I've been meaning to ask Sakamoto something, but I can't find her anywhere. Where is she?"
"Didn't you hear, she was on the ship leaving for Fuso the other day. Should be arriving there in a few more days, now that I think of it."
Gertrud had a look of shock and some level of confusion. "She was on that? Who else?"
"She went alone, witch-wise that is. She's in Fuso looking for a particular witch."
"Great..." Gertrud said, turning around and leaving the room, saying "another rookie. You would think Sakamoto would make Lynette a strong witch before recruiting another."
Upon shutting the door, Minna merely sighed to herself, remembering it's just Gertruds "hard truth" mentality. "Well, she's still more fitting to lead than Laura." She then sat back down, opened a newspaper, and began reading.
A few days later

A girl with brown hair with matching brown eyes walks down a hallway, observing her end of semester report. Upon opening it up, the girls eyes merely came to acceptance of averageness that was to be expected from the report - she really shouldn't of expected much more. And thus the girl sighed once more and proceeded to wander outside of the school. With the school day and year being done, it's not like there's any reason to stick around.
"Hey, Miya!" Our brown haired girl, Yoshika Miyafuji, turned her head to see her friendly cousin, Michiko Yamakawa. "How did you do this semester?"
"Micchan, hello." Miya said, waving to the blue-haired school girl. "Well, average as usual. Just general Marks, a few Above Average Marks, and one Below Average one."
"Ah, well, I didn't do much better." The two reports changed hands as the two girls compared their marks on their way home. "Hey, Miya, is it okay if I come over for a bit? My family's working over time, and I don't want to-"
"Sure, Micchan. I don't mind!"
As if on cue, a neighboring farmer, likely in his late fifties, came up on his horse-powered wagon. "Well, if it isn't Miya and Mich. Schools out for the year, right?"
"That's right, Miyamoto." Miya then realized something. "Huh... Can we get a lift back home?"
"Huh? Oh, sure, hope on." The two girls hopped onto the waggon, with it lacking any produce. "Say now, I'm 'a bit curious - how do you normally get home?"
"Well, I usually just tough out the walk..." Miya awkwardly rubbed the back of her head, smiling. "I guess I'm just lazy today."
"Ah, no worries. We all get tired, so I don't mind." Miyamoto and Yoshika both threw conversation piece after conversation piece to each other, with Michiko sitting back and relaxing about the upcoming summer.
As they went on their trip, they left the town area and entered the hilly countryside, where Miya and Micchan both lived. Michiko started to show some concern as they reached Tips Pass, a rather steep five and a half foot drop. "Sorry, Miyafuji, but I need to focus now."
"I understand." Miya said, turning her attention to Michiko; her uneasiness not going unnoticed.
"Don't worry, miss, I know his road like the back of my hand." Before Miyamoto could turn around, however, a sudden red explosion could be seen, and more importantly heard, from the sky. The noise sent the horses into a frenzy, causing them to jump up, causing the back wagon to get un-hooked, and tip over onto the hill - causing it to fall apart.
Miya was able to get out with minor scrapes and bruises, but a check on Michiko turned up less fortunate news. She had a piece of wood jabbed into her chest. Thankfully, it wasn't through her heart. Still, I need to do something... She removed the wood, and then placed her hand over her chest. Come on, Michiko, stay with me.
Her hands began to glow, and the blood slowed down a little bit, but it won't stop. I'm... still not good enough at this.
"Miya-chan..." Miya looked over at her head to see her eye, barely, open. "Don't waste... your magic on me..."
"Miya, please..." Michiko lost consciousness.
"Miyafuji! Stop!" She looked up to see Miyamoto at the top. He had a strange look on his face, one of a mixture of fear and sadness. "I have the horses under control. I can see from here you've slowed down the bleeding." Miya looked up, not sure how to react. "If we hurry, we can get to your house where your mother can finish up"
Running out of options, Miya picked up her friend - somehow, and carried her out the hill and placed her into the cart. Impressive, I wouldn't of guessed Miyafuji to be that strong.
"Miyamoto..." Why... is my vision fading. "Will Michiko be okay?" *Thud*
Miya woke up back at her house. "Oh, good to have you awake." Her grandmother, Akimoto, smiled at her drowsy granddaughter. "Dont worry, Michiko will be fine. I've managed to stop the bleeding." She turned her attention back to Michiko, focusing her magic into healing her.
"How did I get here?"
"Well, Yoshika, I came by to check on the explosion outside, and when I saw Miyamoto getting his horses under control...

"Hey, Miyamoto!" he didn't turn around. "It's me, Sayaka!"
THAT got his attention. "Sayaka! No time, follow me."
So I did. I tried to, at least. For a man his age and his stature, he's a fine runner. By the time I got there, you were already out cold.
"Look, Michiko is in need of medical aid, and your daughter just passed out bringing her up the pass. I'll take Michiko if you can handle your daughter."
-End of Flashback-

"I don't know how, but he knew what was going through my head." Miya looked over at her friend.
"Micchan - I'm sorry." She managed to whisper out.
"Honey, don't worry. She'll be okay. Your grandmother is as good with magic as anyone could be around here."
"Well, that's a relief." Miya smiled, glad she could breathe easy once more.
"Anyway, I'm impressed you managed to get her up that steep climb. How did you do that."
"Well, to be honest, I don't really know. I just knew what I needed to do, and I just, well, did it." Miya blushed a little bit at that, with her mother patting her on the head.
"Well, I'm proud of you either way. By the way, did you get your Report back today?" Miya's grades became the focus of the next hour or so of talking.
Meanwhile, in a nearby bush, a man in a jeep removed the binoculars from his eyes, with a woman with only one eye behind him. "Are you sure this is the place, commander?"
"Yep." She casually said. "The girl matched the image perfectly. What information do you have on her?"
The soldier pulled a file out of the glove compartment of the jeep. "Her grades and athletic performance are only average, her only standout skill shown seems to be cooking." He looked away from the file, and back at the commander. "Should we go in and ask?" The lady then got up, and removed her eye patch.
"No, I see they're tending to someone injured, possibly from the Neuroi Aircraft we just destroyed. Let's give her some time." She then got up, closing her patch. "But I've made my decision. I will have Yoshika Miyafuji join Strike Witches!" She then pumped her hand into the air, smiling in her own self confidence.
"Whatever you say, Commander Sakamoto."

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