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by Jakers
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2047804
Yoshika gets an offer from Sakamoto that she... can refuse?
Chapter 2: Sakamoto's Deal

A few hours later, Michiko was able to at least sit up on her own. "Hey, Miya-chan. Did I pass out or AHHH!"
"Michiko, you need to rest a bit longer, at least for the rest of the day."
"But, my parents!"
"Don't worry. Our neighbor, Miyamoto, left a note for your parents at their house. They should know you're here." Sayaka explained. Michiko breathed in a sigh of relief, followed by a growl from her stomach.
"Sounds like my friend is hungry!" Yoshika smiled, getting up.
"Hold on, Yoshika. In case you forgot, you're still rather weak on magic right now. You need rest too. I'll cook dinner tonight."
Yoshika's pouty face went full force. "You're no fun, sometimes."
"That's the sign of a great mother, you know." Sayaka smiled back. The noise of a vehicle driving up to the house followed the remark.
*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*
"Now, who could that be?" Sayaka opened the door, finding her answer in the form of a young woman with an eye patch and, oddly enough, hot pants, and a military button shirt.
"Hello, is this the Miyafuji Health Clinic?"
"Yes... and you might be?" The lady whispered into her ears, all while the other three watched in anticipation. The exact moment she finished, two stomachs growled. "It seems you and your friend out there are hungry, too. Care to join us for dinner?"
"Thank you." She said. The man behind her, wearing an aviator jacket and pilot helmet, ran in like a young child.
"God bless ya." he said, zooming in.
"Uh, you're welcome."
-30 Minutes Later-

"Here we are!" Sayaka placed out all the ramen she made. "Since we have twice as many mouths to feed as usual, I couldn't go all out, but it should be good none the less! Less dig in!" The two guests wasted no time eating. In fact, they shoved their faces in with as much as they could. "Hungry, huh?"
The girl swallowed, apologizing. "Sorry for being rude, we just haven't eaten in 2 days. It's been crazy trying to find this place, and we've had some accidents on the way here."
"Well, I guess it's a good thing you found us when you did." Yoshika innocently added.
"Yeah, it is." The man said, swallowing the last of his bowl. "Oh, Commander!"
"I just realized, we haven't introduced ourselves."
"Oh, you're right!" Sakamoto stood up. "I'm Mio Sakamoto, Commanding Officer in the 501st Strike Witches Division!"
"I'm Kyle Yeaser, Liberion Ace Pilot. I'm here as back-up for Sakamoto." He smiled, as they sat back down, and continued eating, albeit at a much slower pace. "Bis is burd" Said Kyle, forgetting to swallow his ramen before talking again. (He was trying to say "This is good").
"Oh, really?" Sayaka said, smiling. "Thank you."
"Hehehe, you can actually understand him?" Sakamoto asked, jokingly.
"Yeah, Yoshika tends to do the same thing."
"Mut 'bout mh?" Sakamoto and Sayaka started laughing.
*Gulp* "So I'm not the only one doing that?" Laughed Kyle.
After finishing everything, the group of six sat down to relax a bit. Akimoto was able to finish healing Michiko, with Yoshika giving her one of her shirts to wear home. "See you later, Miya-chan!"
"Bye, Mich-chan!" Yoshika yelled, smiling and waving to her smiling and waving friend. She closed the door, and turned her attention to Sakamoto. "Sakamoto, may I ask you something?"
"Sure, ask away."
"Why are you here?" Sakamoto looked over to Sayaka, with Sayaka shaking her head in approval.
"Well, as I said, I'm with Strike Witches, a government-organized division of witches meant to fight off the Neuroi." Yoshika hand a confused look on her face. "Do you even know what a Neuroi is?" Yoshika shook her head side to side. *sign* "Well, they're the reason so much of the world is in trouble."
"Okay, but what does all of this have to do with me?"
"The answer just asked the question." Sakamoto said.
"I think she means she came her for you." Everyone turned to see Michiko, having opened the door without them noticing. "By the way, you forgot to lock the door." She came in, and sat down next to Yoshika. "I came back because I left my semester report, but this is more important."
"She is right, Yoshika. I'm here to recruit you into Strike Witches!" Sakamoto pumped her fist into the air. "So, are you in?"
"No." Sakamoto's face went from energized to complete defeat.
"Well, that was blunt." Kyle drily added.
"What... What do you mean no?!?!"
"I'm planning to take over this clinic, letting my mom and grandmother focus on the farm."
"So, that's worth more than saving the world?" THAT struck Yoshika to her bone. "I want to point out that Strike Witches, especially our division, deal with the Neuroi on a worldwide scale. Our job is to stop this horrible invasion before more people die at their hands." Sakamoto looked at her, now a bit scared. She started to sense a hopelessness from this. Getting up, she headed to the door, saying "I figured a Miyafuji, above all else, would understand this." She then walked outside, leaving the family to her words.
"Look, I'm sorry." Kyle said, getting close to Yoshika. "Sakamoto's just a bit high strung, especially right now." He sat next to the two girls. "Look, I honestly think you should give this some thought. We're not going to leave just yet." Yoshika hasn't lifted her head up since Sakamoto had brought up her last name. "Hey, what's on your mind? Talk with me."
"When she said 'a Miyafuji should understand,' did she mean my father?"
"I wouldn't know. I've heard Sakamoto refer to that name before, so I'm guessing it's a Strike Witches thing."
"Which means I'll need to join her to get her to speak..."
"Hey now, don't speak like that." He scooted a bit closer to her. "Tell you what, you tell me what concerns you about join Strike Witches, and I'll tell you what I know. Then you can be at least a little more educated with your choice. Sound nice?
Yoshika smile and nodded. "I... I don't think I'm capable of being in the military." Kyle smiled.
"That's understandable. But you've also had no training. You'd be given some practice and training. We're not going to send you into the skies right off the back." He smiled back. "Hell, it was a good 3 years before I received my recommendation of flight."
"You spent 3 years on ground missions?"
Smirking, he leaned in and whispered "I never said that." she started laughing, causing him to get a little more serious. "Well, why do you want to run the clinic."
"Well, I want to learn to use my magic, and I want to save lives. I want to help people."
"I'm not here to romanticize the military - that's propaganda. But let me tell you something-" Everyone in the room leaned forward to hear this. "Sakamoto came to get you, because she knew you'd be capable of doing just that." He got up, and walked to the door. "I'm going to talk to Sakamoto, I'll leave you to talk with your family here." And with that, he walked out.
"Yoshika, this is your choice. Your life."
"I think you should." Michiko surprised the family. "Miya-chan, you're studying to become a medic, right? Well, this is a chance you may never get again. Plus, I think they need you."
"I... I think this is the best way to get to know your father."
"Yes Kyle?"
"I.. talked to Yoshika. She just got nervous from the idea of service, understandable for her age."
"Thanks, Kyle." She sat down in the jeep, now right outside of the house. "I really screwed up back there."
"Maybe so. But I need to ask you, who is Yoshika's father? do you know him?
"Well, I-"
"Sakamoto!" Yoshika ran up. I-"
"Don't worry. I can't force you to join." I don't have the authority to do so. "So, if running the clinic is really that important, you-"
"I'm coming with you!" Sakamoto's defeated face became lively once more.
"You are? Great! Then let's-
"On one condition." Sakamoto, Kyle, along with the family behind her leaned forward to listen. "I want to see my father. And I'm positive you know where he is."
After a moment of pondering, she nodded. "Yeah, I do. And as it just so happens, it's at our base." Both girls, oddly enough, smirked at each other. "So, we have a deal?"
"Yes, we do." The two shook hands. "You now have the next witch for Strike Witches."

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