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Yoshika and Sakamoto arrive at Striker Island to meet Ichiro Miyafuji...

Chapter 5: Striking Arrival

Yoshika woke up on the deck of the Akagi in Sakamoto's eyes. "Morning, sunshine."

"Huh?" Yoshika, coming to her senses, looked off at the distance. "What... What happen to the ship we were fighting?"

"That was a Neuroi." Sakamoto looked into Yoshika's eyes. "And a damn strong one, too."

"Okay, that makes sense. But what happened to it?"

"You don't remember?" Not breaking eye contact, "you took it down."

Yoshika, getting a lazy, and somewhat sleazy look in her eyes, said "Okay, now what really happened to it?"

Sakamoto, looking at the grinning girl, accepted defeat and said "Okay, fine. Two other members of the 501st came over and finished the job after you saved me from it's giant laser blast."

Sakamoto pointed outward in the direction the ship was facing, showing an island coming into view, fast. "That's-?"

"Yep, Striker Island." Yoshika, finding the strength to get up, ran to the edge of the ship to get the best view she can. "Excited to get there?"

"I am now!" She looked out in anticipation. "It's funny though, I wouldn't of guessed that I'd look so forward to this one week ago." She then stopped to think. "Say, what happened to those other members?"

"Simple, they went back to check up with the base." Sakamoto, picking the rather small girl up, placed her on her shoulders. "and don't worry, Yoshika. I'll hold up my end before we do anything."

Bending down to let her cuddle Sakamoto's head, "thank you."

"Hahaha!" Sakamoto, looking out said "You make really cute hat, you know?"

Yoshika blushed as she began at fall asleep in place as the approached Striker Island.


Yoshika woke up from her slumber when Sakamoto began to move to unboard the ship. "Yoshika, we're here!"

"How long was I out?"

"Only about 30 minutes." patting her cute little hat, Sakamoto continued to walk. "So, you feeling better?"

"Yeah" Sakamoto bent over to let Yoshika get off. "I'm ready to meet my father!"

"Okay, he's waiting for you on the other end of the base." She grabbed Yoshika by the arm. "Now, rather than running through the base, let's take a back route." The two walked around the surprisingly small-walled base, unaware of a watcher.

So, Yoshika's the girl who's been around Sakamoto so much the past few days.

After what was at most a fifteen minute walk, they arrived to the end of the island, with a beautiful view of the ocean... and a large rock.

"Yoshika... I'm sorry... I just couldn't bring myself to-" She stopped realizing Yoshika casually walking to the rock, which was actually a tombstone.

Turning around, she smiled. "It's okay. I knew my father died 3 years ago." She turned to her father's grave. "I need closure." She bent over, with tears falling onto the soil housing her father. I know you promised to come home, father. But I don't hold it against you. You... you had bigger promises to keep.... Yoshika's few tears became full out sobbing. And now... I promise... I promise to do the same... I'll give everything I've got to protect this world.... Yoshika breathed in heavily. "I PROMISE!!!" She then collapsed onto her father's resting place. "I promise... I promise... I promise..." Sakamoto picked up the resting girl, and gave her some support to lean up for a bit.

After Yoshika calmed down a bit, Sakamoto asked "Yoshika, if you knew your dad was dead, why did you act like you didn't"

"Commander Sakamoto..." Sakamoto looked down at Yoshika. "You lied about my father to keep us both in a positive mood as long as possible, right?" Sakamoto nodded. "I figured I should do the same."

Sakamoto, wiping a few tears from her eyes, got up. "That's certainly something your father would do." They both looked at the tombstone. It had an engraving stating Use your power save those who have less for themselves. "You know, that was his motto. He lived and died believing that."

"They are good words to live by." She smiled. "I'm not sure about my own power, but I know there are people I can help." Yoshika finally got up. "My father promised the world he'd live and die to fight these Neuroi, didn't he?" Not waiting for Sakamoto's response, "Well, I promise to do the same, however I can..."

Sakamoto patted her on the back. Ichiro, you have a wonderful daughter to be proud of... "Come on, Yoshika, let's get you officially enrolled in Strike Witches."

"Yes, Captain Sakamoto!" Saluted Yoshika.

"Please," Sakamoto smiled. "Just call me Sakamoto."

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