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when a toe meets a chainsaw any ting can happen
it all started one day when I was trying to cut a watermelon. I was using a steak knife i had just finished sharpening. it was sharp enough to shave with though apparently it was not even making a dent in the melon. So i went and got a hatchet from the tool shed. I took a deep breath and brought the hatchet down on the watermelon as hard as i could. The hatchet exploded on impact, one shard drove itself three inches in to my cowboy boot between two of my toes. That's when i decided to get out my colt .45, as i fired the final shot at the watermelon i could have sworn i heard laughter. Then as i checked to see if the shots had done any damage I heard a faint sound almost like a car backfiring then several divots exploded out of the ground where i had been standing when i fired my gun. then i went and got my chainsaw i revved the motor then i felt a presence in the back of my mind it was saying "you dont want to use that on me, you want to use that on your self" his words were so seductive. i watched in numb fascination as i brought the chainsaw down on my own foot there was no pain but more than a little blood.. the last thing i heard before i blacked out from blood loss was "I'm sure some glue will fix that right up"
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2048267