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This is a description of Limerick poetry
 Limericks  (E)
This is a description of Limerick poetry
#2048411 by Chris Breva - Graduate Student

Another form of poetry I enjoy writing are Limericks. One Limerick expert identified three types of Limericks: they were Limericks you tell when ladies and children are present, Limericks you repeat when members of the clergy are present, and real Limericks!

This is basically because Limericks are typically quite vulgar. However they are also very fun to write! They can be a challenge because they follow a very strict rhyme scheme and syllable count. They typically cast women in a negative light as well so they are not always politically correct!

A Limerick has five lines with a rhyme scheme of A, A, B, B, A and a strict syllable count of 8, 8, 5., 5, 8.

Limericks originated in the pubs of Limerick Ireland were named after that town. Lord Alfred Tennyson made them popular by writing some of the best ones ever. See my port for examples as I plan to post some there.
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