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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2049161
Matthew heads back to Sanctuary to find Hyperion attacking it. He goes to stop them
The Bandit and the dictator
This story is based on the borderlands series and is set between borderlands the pre-sequel and borderlands 2
all characters in story except myself Matthew the characters girlfriend Larisa and his brother garial are owned by
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Chapter 4 part 1: Assult On Sanctuary

I was heading back to Sanctuary when I saw smoke in the Distance,then fire and then red. Hyperion loaders were scattered throughout Sanctuary.

"Oh no...."

"The scene reminded me of the Atlas facility after Gabrial turned of everyone, the site making me gag."

"There is still people alive Matthew."

"This ship can't fly for much longer, Where is the largest group of Loaders."

"North east side, no life detected there."

"Good, I'm taking the gunship in for a crash landing."

I managed to stear the gunship to a group of about 30 Loaders. I jumped out through the cockpit window in the last second to avoid being caught by the explosion.

"I need to find Larisa."

"She maybe dead..."

"No I won't accept that till I see her."

I heard Roland in the distance fighting.

"Stick together and make a push!!!"

Pulling out my new corrosive E-tech assultrifle I charged to help Roland. I charged through the reck that Sanctuary was in. I managed to get to Roland and take down the Loaders. Lilith and Roland were back to back, surrounded. I had arrived just in time.

"Matthew thank god your here."

"What the hell happened, I was gone for only a half hour?"

"Not long after you left Hyperion sent a massive assult team against us lead by your brother."

"Gabrial...Where is he?

"Gone...he took Larisa with him."


"He knocked her out and left."


I must have been visibly angry. Gabrial had took Rachel from me now he intends to do the same to Larisa. I can't let him, I wont let him kill her. I grit my teeth and clenched my fists.


"We don't know where to search?"

"we do. I have the data in me, I can find where she'll be."


With the loaders pushed back by the three of us eventually they were wiped out.

"What a mess, over 5000 dead."

"I know, they hit really hard."

"Why only take Larisa?"

"I don't know Lilith."

"Isn't it obvious? Gabrial did it because he wants to take everything from me."

"Gabrial's doing this just to target you?"

"Most likely."

Gabrial has took Larisa, I pray she's unharmed.

"Rise and Shine Kiddo...your here."

"Uuugh where am...YOU!!!"

"Well du who else would it be, I'm me no one else can be me. Well except for my body dubble."

"Why am I here?"

"Because your the Last remaining siren on Pandora. After all your Mother and Lilith are dead. I need a siren to charge the vault key."

"But the Vault was destroyed years ago."

"There is a second Vault that has another creature but this once can be controlled by the person that frees the creature. It will end my struggle with bandits on pandora then I will use it to control the universe."

"You think I'll say yeah sure lets do it."

"Would you be surprised if I said yes."

"I won't do it they're my friends."

"come on toots, you'd get to live, maybe even as my Queen"

"Queen? more like slave."

"well if your into that kind of stuff then."

"I won't do it."

"I'm giving you a chance to be my queen and rule the universe together kiddo, don't you want that kind of power."

"Not if I have to kill Matthew."

"And there it is, you care about your boyfriend more than anything. I'll tell you what. If you work for me I won't kill him."

"I can't trust you."

"oh come on I'm the good guy here, work with me."

"Good guy? You've slaughterd thousands!!!"

"They are bandits, Matthew has killed as many in his life as a soldier."

"You've killed civilians, that's what makes you different from Matthew don't you dare compare yourself to him!!!"

"I think I touched a nerve there. if you don't work with me Gabrial will make you."

"I'll make sure your in as much pain as possible without dying."

"I don't care, Matthew will come for me."

"He's probably dead in sanctuary by now."

"Your wrong."

"Jack I've got news about the assult."

"Lay it on me Angel."

"Angel...you backstabing bitch."

"Did you honestly think she'd help you out?"

"Larisa I'm sorry I can't betray him, he's my dad."

"Dad what are you on abou?"

"Angel is my daughter hooked up to Hyperion network, a living super computer,If she tried to betray me she'd get shut down and she'd be killed. It's a dubble cross making you believe she betrayed me when she actually works for me."

"That's your own daughter your talking about,Look what you've done to her she's suffering like that."

"well if you help me you'll take her place and end her suffering as the stronger siren to power the key."

"I'll do it to save her..."

"No...I want to do this."


"Father...I can do this just let me do this no one else."

"If that's the case then I don't need you kiddo, Gabrial have some fun with her."

"I will. I'l break every bone before I break your will. You'll beg for death but you'll die when Matthew arrives."

"Matthew will save me."

"Alright Angel tell me the news."

"Sancuary suffered 5000 losses."

"What about the leaders."

"They're still alive."


"Matthew managed to rally the survivors and eliminate the loaders."

"I told you he'll come to save me."

"When he does, you'll die and jack will kill him."
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