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by Lady H
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2049438
My contest entry for the Dialogue 500. Prompt: A Dialogue Between You And Your Mirror.
Mirror I Swear

“I know you’re there. Watching me. Waiting for me to cave.”

Really? Do you really think someone’s here?

“I know there is! The voices told me about you.”

What voices, John? I’m the only voice you hear.

“No! You weren’t there when they asked me to do it.”

Do what, John? What did they ask you to do?

“Ah! I see what you’re trying to do! You’re trying to get me to confess.”

Confess to what, John?

“Confess to killing that woman.”

Ah, the woman…

“No. I didn’t mean to tell you that! You’re not supposed to know about the woman.”

But now I do.

“You don’t know anything.”

I know you stabbed her, John. Took that big carving knife out of the kitchen drawer…


Raised it above her while she had her back to you, innocently ironing. Brought it down sharply, felt it sink through flesh, crack through bone…

“Arghhh! How do you know this?”

Because I’m inside your head, John.

“No. No. You’re not. You’re the mirror. You’re just the mirror on the wall in my room.”

Then how do I know about your wife, John?

“What about my wife?”

Why, that you stabbed her, John.

“No no no I didn’t!”

I think we both know that you did.

“No no no I didn’t mean to!”

You mean it was an accident?

“Yes. I slipped and fell on/”

John. I told you to kill her. Are you telling me you’re not doing what I ask?

“You didn’t tell me to kill her. You’re the mirror. You’re here to get me to confess!”

I told you to kill her, John. You know there are consequences for ignoring my instructions.

“You didn’t instruct it though!”

I think you’ll find I did, John.


I’m inside the mirror. I’m inside your head. I’m everywhere, John. You can’t escape me.

“I accidentally killed my wife.”

Is that what you want to tell me, John? Or the mirror?

“You ARE the mirror.”

I think we’ve established that I’m not.

“There’s no-one else here. Just me and the mirror. Stop trying to trick me!”

I’m not trying to trick you, John. I’m trying to help you.

“Then help me, dear god, please help me. Mirror, there’s voices in my head. They keep telling me to do terrible things. Really awful, horrific things. Mirror, I swear I want to stop, but I can’t. They’ll hurt me if I don’t! They made me stab a woman, no, they made me stab my WIFE! I can’t take it anymore! Please, please… please help me.”

“Okay Mr Gerhard. Can you please state your full name, date of birth and home address for the purposes of the tape recording please?”

“My name is…”

Word Count:458

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