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Another chapter from the history of Masters.
The Masters celebrated the foundation of their nexus every year on May 7th. The celebration was mostly bacchanalian – pertaining to drunken festivity. They never balked to indulge in baleful activities. Their character became more dangerous. A famous bard wrote in one of his poems, “This ballad marks the bane of mankind.”

The outer decoration of the occasion looked banal. But, very few people knew about the barbarous things that were done there. The Masters named that day as the “Bastion of Power.” The entrance to the fort looked baroque – very highly decorated. On the right there was a behemoth structure of a man they worshiped. It was nearly 80 feet from the ground.

To the left, they were innocent women, who were forced to be dressed in bedizened and bawdy manner. The man who told me all this called himself a bourgeoisie – a common name for a middle class person. The behaviorism of the Masters looked like they were trying to bedevil the women with their magic. Surprisingly, there was banter among some pupils. It was like they lived in their own little, creepy world. Then a woman came in running into the fort. One of the Masters saw here and started to beleaguer her for a belated arrival. She couldn’t control the way he harassed her. She showed her belligerent attitude, but it was in vain as she could barely reach him.

In the large hall, with a glass of wine in his hand, the Head of the Masters stood up. He started, “We are benefactors helping the world to cleanse its sins. We are doing some benevolent activities.” Suddenly, a fresher started arguing, “Our activities are not benign, and we kill people.” The Master had a small smile and said, “You are benighted to understand our philosophy. Only the enlightened people understand it.” All of the sudden, the fresher took a pistol and pointed it at the master. The Master continued, “Bequeath the weapon.” He did not put down the gun. He continued, “There is no use in berating a pupil who doesn’t listen to the words of his teacher.” That was the first time the other members of the Masters saw the head’s bestial behavior. He looked like a beast. His eyes became red. He lifted his hands in the air and turned the pistol against the fresher. He was beseeching for his actions. The Master continued, “The bevy of Masters shall considered this death as betoken to the day and we bestow it to our father, Imperious.”

He started telling about his father. “He was a bibliophile – a book lover. He believed that science was a bicameral subject - combination of two branches, in which one branch which showed its benevolence towards mankind using compliant attitude and the other branch included the same objective, though the measures to achieve it were rather threatening to say the least. He took the dark route, the route where we are living now. His idea was to bifurcate the dark science department from the other. But, the elders did not agree to this. He became bigotry to this decision. He became very intolerant.” He always had a saying, “Humans are biped mammals. If we add two more legs as a bivouac, though it would look bizarre, the blandishment would still be appreciated. But, as time goes on, this style would become blase. New things should come.”

The Master still had the control of the pistol placed at the forehead of the fresher. “My blasphemy may be blatant and bleak, but the blithe of it would bolster our nexus.” Then he said the most famous saying that is still being used in the world by the practitioners of necromancy.

He said, “The world shall face a blitzkrieg; air and land forces shall tear us apart from the skies. The boisterous brigand shall bludgeon into the hearts of the bovine. Only the brave shall be given a boon. As soon as this ends, the world would give the survivors a bonanza of bonhomie – large amount of good cheer. The world then shall look more bohemian.” It was later understood that ‘Bohemian’ is an unconventional word used in an artistic way.

He continued, “You look like a buffoon.” He made the pistol trigger. The fresher died. His death acted as a bustle for them as it was regarded as an incident that burgeoned the emperor of the Masters.
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