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From the ending to the beginning
Chapter 6

Lily's eyes fluttered open. She lay there trying to orient herself with where she was. It was her bedroom, in her house and she was lying down on her bed. She reached up and rubbed her eyes. The wetness which met her finger tips told her she was crying but she knew she had awoken with a smile on her face.

Michael had visited her again in her dreams. Lily was puzzled because after all the dreams in which he had visited she had always woken happy. In her dreams they had played as small children, they had gone on dates as teens and they had visited some of the places they had talked about but never got to before he was killed in the freak roadside accident. But this dream, although the parts she could remember were vivid,  she was having trouble remembering some of it. Most of the time she remembered everything about the dreams. She still could not figure out why she was crying.

Stretching she swung her legs over the side of the bed. Her nieces would be by in about forty-five minutes to take her out to a club called Live Wire, to see her first All Male Review. She was 60 years young today and trying to knock things off her ever growing Bucket List.

Lily stood in the line of woman with her two nieces outside Club Live Wire's entrance. They were a third of the way back from the door. The thought that this was a stupid idea fighting for control of her mind, but she was not listening, not much anyway. Her nieces had taken her out to breakfast that morning, taken her to the beauty shop, gotten her a pedicure and manicure (two things off her bucket list). Then they escorted her to buy the outfit and shoes she was wearing, all to celebrate her 60th birthday.

It was 8:00 pm on a beautiful balmy Florida Spring night. The beach was on the other side of the condos across the two lane main street which ran parallel to the shore. The smell of salt water hung in the occasional light breeze blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico. Lily listened to the other younger women's excited conversations.. The parking lot was well lit and full. The small restaurant, known as TJ's located in the front of the large, rectangular, cinderblock building would be closing in about an hour. The doors were just about to open at the business in the rear where she was standing.

The Beginning
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