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If you'd like to know what merit badges I don't have yet
The idea of a merit badge tally, originally suggested by Jeff , is that when you want to give someone a merit badge, you can easily see what badges they don't have already.

This page was made possible by Elle

The name listed next to each badge was the first person to give me that badge.
The badges listed in blue are those which I don't already have.

"General" badges
Accuracy - thanks to ohsoquiet
Angel - thanks to a past member
Appreciation - thanks to ♥hOOves♥
Astrology - thanks to eyestar-Peace to Joy.
Attention to Detail - thanks to SHERRI GIBSON
Birthday - thanks to a past member
Cheerleading - thanks to lizco252
Congratulations - thanks to a past member
Courage - thanks to Breaker~A Vigilante Ranger~
Creativity - thanks to ~Vikki~
Determination - thanks to Fi
Dialogue - thanks to Lornda
Editing - thanks to blushingrose ~ novelwriting101
Endurance - thanks to Lina Black-So Far Behind!!!
Fairy tale - thanks to Lornda
Flash Fiction
Foresight - thanks to Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!
Friendship - thanks to gailey
Fundraising - thanks to a past member
Generosity - thanks to Child Of Tyranny
Genie - thanks to Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!
Gothic - thanks to ♥Pay It Forward♥
Grace Under Pressure - thanks to Acme ~ 10 year WdC Anniversary
Growth - thanks to Tiggy
Guide - thanks to Gaby
Happy Anniversary - thanks to Tiggy
Honor - thanks to Fi
Imagery - thanks to a past member
Inner Beauty - thanks to Lornda
Inner Strength - thanks to Lornda
Job Well Done - thanks to Lornda
Judging - thanks to Diane
Just Because - thanks to ♥Pay It Forward♥
Kindhearted - thanks to Annette
Leadership - thanks to Lornda
Mentor - thanks to Andrea
Merit Badges - thanks to Hannah ♫♥♫
Motivation - thanks to Annette
Nano Participant - thanks to Annette
Nano Winner
Number 1 Fan - thanks to Lornda
Optimistic - thanks to Lornda
Organization - thanks to rain
Originality - thanks to Andrew
Overachiever - thanks to ~A.J. Lyle~
Photography - thanks to ~ Aqua ~
Pioneer - thanks to kiyasama
Point of View - thanks to Nixie~
Portfolio - thanks to Lornda
Problem Solving - thanks to Tiggy
RAOK - thanks to Diane
Raffles - thanks to Andy~~getting back to WDC
Reading - thanks to a past member
Reviewing - thanks to Writing.Com Support
Risk Taker - thanks to ~ Aqua ~
Rock Star - thanks to Elle
Seasons Autumn - thanks to SHERRI GIBSON
Seasons Spring - thanks to ~A.J. Lyle~
Seasons Summer - thanks to Pat ~ starting a new journey
Seasons Winter - thanks to Lornda
Secret Admirer - thanks to ♥hOOves♥
Style - thanks to Lornda
Success - thanks to Legerdemain
Superhero - thanks to eyestar-Peace to Joy.
Supportive - thanks to ♥SoNNetWolF♫
Teamwork - thanks to SHERRI GIBSON
Variety - thanks to Spawn of Sylvia Plath
Welcome - thanks to Gaby
Wisdom - thanks to Lornda
Word Economy - thanks to Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!
Work In Progress
Young Adult

"Genre" badges
Action Adventure - thanks to Tiggy
Animal - thanks to Breaker~A Vigilante Ranger~
Artistic - thanks to PatrickB
Comedy - thanks to 🦄🏳️‍🌈Sapph
Community - thanks to kjo just groovin'
Computers - thanks to Tiggy
Contests - thanks to a past member
Crime Gangster
Dark Fantasy
Dark Poetry
Drama - thanks to Legerdemain
Entertainment - thanks to Lornda
Environment - thanks to eyestar-Peace to Joy.
Family - thanks to Calli Seren
Fantasy - thanks to Marsha Musselman
Fashion - thanks to Lornda
Finance - thanks to a past member
Food Cooking - thanks to very thankful
Gay Lesbian - thanks to The StoryMaster
History - thanks to Lornda
Hobby Craft
Home Garden
Horror Scary - thanks to Jay
Inspirational - thanks to Princess Zelda
Internet Web
Medical - thanks to a past member
Military - thanks to Elle
Music - thanks to Nixie~
Mystery - thanks to ~WhoMe???~
Nature - thanks to Lornda
News - thanks to Acme ~ 10 year WdC Anniversary
Opinion - thanks to SHERRI GIBSON
Philosophy - thanks to LostGhost: Seeking & Learning
Romance - thanks to Bonnie
Science Fiction - thanks to ♥hOOves♥
Sports - thanks to Mandy
Steampunk - thanks to tYpO/T.Boilerman
Travel - thanks to a past member
Vampire Gothic
Writing - thanks to bluesky

"Astrology" badges
Zodiac Aquarius
Zodiac Aries
Zodiac Cancer
Zodiac Capricorn
Zodiac Gemini
Zodiac Leo
Zodiac Libra - thanks to eyestar-Peace to Joy.
Zodiac Pisces
Zodiac Sagittarius
Zodiac Scorpio
Zodiac Taurus
Zodiac Virgo

"Type" badges
Campfires - thanks to a past member
Crosswords - thanks to Tiggy
Groups - thanks to a past member
In and Out - thanks to a past member
Interactives - thanks to eyestar-Peace to Joy.
Madlibs - thanks to Lornda
Message Forums - thanks to a past member
Poetry - thanks to Lonewolf
Product Reviews - thanks to ♥hOOves♥
Shop - thanks to Elle
Short Stories - thanks to Annette
Web Pages - thanks to Annette
Word Searches
cNotes - thanks to jannie

"WDC Official" badges
Frequent Flyer
Good Deeds - thanks to Diane
Journey Through Genres
Quotation Inspiration
Rhythms and Writing
Short Shots
Special Appreciation - thanks to kiyasama
Special Appreciation - thanks to Lornda
Special Appreciation - thanks to blunderbuss
Special Appreciation - thanks to The StoryMistress
The StoryMaster
The StoryMistress
What a Character
Writing.Com Birthday - thanks to The StoryMistress

"Group/other" badges
"Unofficial" Guest
30 Day Character Building
A Wodehouse Challenge
Bear Hugs
Blog Camping
Blog City
Buyer of Coffee
Cards Against Authors
Christian Writers - thanks to Agape Novels
Dark Dreamscapes
Days of Sunshine - thanks to sunnystarr
Dystopian Fiction
Elle - thanks to Elle
Fran's Gold Standard
Fascinating Feedback
Full-Time Coffee Addict
G. o. T. - thanks to Gaby
G. o. T. 2
G. o. T. Supporter - thanks to Gaby
Gift Shop Reviews
Give It 100
Golden Scroll
Heart of Gold
Honoring All Who Served
Hooves ShakeSTEER
House of Sensual Prose
Inspirational ~W~G~
Jane Austen Group
Kiwis on WDC
Let It Snow - thanks to Lornda
Lighthouse Poetry
Love Should Not Hurt
Lucky Numbers - thanks to Gaby
Merit Badge Projects
MM Figurative Language
Monthly Calendar Contest Badge
Movie Lovers - thanks to Dr. Shrink
Muse Masters
Musicology Anthology
Musically Inspired
NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon
Newbies Academy Group
Newbies Are The Judge
Newbies Spotlight Winner
P.E.N.C.I.L. Reviews
PDG Team Spirit
Partner Up
Paying It Forward - thanks to ♥hOOves♥
Poetic Exploration
Poetic Prose
Power MVP - thanks to The StoryMistress
Power Review Shop - thanks to Nixie~
Power Reviewers Rock - thanks to Lornda
Precious Gifts
Quarks Bar - thanks to Andy~~getting back to WDC
Quill Award
Racecar Writer
Rejection Collector
Rocking Review Artist
Romantic Season
Roots and Wings
SAJ Garden Reviewer
Simply Outstanding
Scottish Rogues
Season of Writing
Secret Santa
Secret Squirrel - thanks to Secret Squirrel ~SS~
Shadows and Light
Shower of Joy
Simply Positive Shines
Sisco's Good Deed Group
Slave Drivers Mastered
Snail Mail
Special Contributions
Sprinting Champion
Star Trekking
Symposium - thanks to Mandy
Symposium Affluence
Symposium Special Topic
Teddy Bear Love - thanks to Marcia~I'm Home :)
The Angel Army Quill
The Art of Criticism - thanks to PatrickB
The Challenge
The Cube
The Dark Society
The Gravy Crowd - thanks to harperpaul
The Lair
The Magic Words Contest
The Monthly Reading Challenge
The Talent Pond
The Throne
The Writer's SOS Group
The Writer's Cramp
Tickle Team
Top PENCIL Reviewer
Top Secret
Trick or Treat tHINg
Very Special OPPS
WDC Addicts Anonymous
WDC Kids Club
WDC Power Reviewers - thanks to The StoryMistress
WDC Soundtrackers
WDC Soundtrackers BoMB
WDC Teens
Wdc Masquerade Party
Web Witch - thanks to ₩eb₩i₸ch
Welcome To My Reality
What A Novel Idea
Whispers of the Soul
Wings of the Angel Army - thanks to kiyasama
World In Progress
You've Got WYRMs!
disABILITY Writers Group
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