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by Mona N
Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2051021
A short narrative about a first heartbreak.
I hate the way i met you
The way you asked my name
I hate the way i smiled at you
Pretending im so tame

I hate the way i talked to you
I hate the way you stared
Into my very soul inside
Almost like you cared

I hate the way i fell for you
For all you had to give
Was nothing in itself but
Was enough for me to live

I hate the way you looked at me
The way you always smiled
The short glances you gave to me
With eyes so infantile

I hate the way my heart rushed
Every time i saw your face
I hate how life without you
Seemed like the longest haze

I hate how everyday i waited
Just to glance at you
I hate all that agony your absence put me through

I hate how you made me feel
Like im your only one
But now i see
It was not me
All you want is fun

See in my eyes i really thought
You were my first lover
Until i saw you clasped between the arms
Of some "another"

So now i hate you deeply
As deeply as i loved
The memories infected me
'Cause pain wasn't enough.
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