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A poem about not cheating on one's romantic partner - a rhyming poem.
Being quite the faithful saint,
Displaying honor and restraint,
Requires passion, timely beauty,
A selflessness so blessed with duty!

Rigidly, we can't complain -
Engulfed by headaches and such pain;
But never will we drift apart,
Moving forward, with such heart.

An affair to many seems to be
A most disjointed recipe.
So despite this journey, we'll prevail,
Given time, we will exhale.

Confidence and watchful grooming,
Loyalty, I am assuming -
Knowing love's a blessed curse
That neither of us can reverse...

A static realm, these heartfelt cures
Is how our romance still endures.
Trust and knowledge, in a haze,
Can't describe these troubled ways.

But much remorse and less attraction
Beat a path to this reaction;
Grain of truth, it's worth repeating:
We're not owned by clueless cheating. 

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