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People label other people, but why?
         Being labeled by someone could really hurt you, or could make you feel good about yourself. First I want to talk to you about bad labels. People don't realize how much damage they can do to one person by telling them they are ugly, fat, or a loser. it's anything negative that's going to hurt someone.

          When you go out again and you just meet someone and you didn't even get to know them and you are already going to have a label on them. If you just see someone and they are new in town you are going to see them having fun and your going to have a label on them. I would know I do it too. Everybody does it, its like a mental thing we have. We can change it, STOP labeling people in a bad way.

          A good label, is what we should give everyone. like by telling them they are beautiful, handsome, smart, and the list goes on and on. It makes people feel amazing and powerful if you give them a good label. If you just walk up to someone and tell them they are beautiful, that would make themselves feel good. Why is it so hard to give people good labels and not hard to give bad labels?

Katie Muin, was 11 years old when people started calling her bad names like slut, whore, stupid, retarded, and so on. Katie stopped being social with people. She got used to everybody calling her those names and started wondering if she actually was. All this happened at school, Katie told her teachers and they did nothing about it. Katie Muin, finally stood up to these kids and they stopped saying bad things about her.

Jason Young, got called smart all thought school, it made him feel good about himself. It gave him the powerful feeling. Jason is an intelligent man, and became a writer. He was every happy with himself. He worked really hard in school, and works really hard today in writing.

Chloe Heart, was 14 years old when she was being labeled in school. Other kids were telling Chloe she was worthless, ugly, and stupid. A 14 year old girl was so depressed that she thought about yelling herself. She stayed strong and they stopped because Chloe was affected by it so it wasn't fun for the other girls anymore.

We can take a stand to labeling people in a bad way. In another word bullying. I would like to thank the people who told me about there experience with this. The names are not real.
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