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Filling out a form was once easy, not any more. You must fill out all required including
you must! You must fill out all required fields. easier said or written than done. you must! You must fill out all required fields. easier said or written than done. I'm furious right now! This is beyond discrimination. The public has been duped or lied to about how wonderful life is, how much better things are, and all the awesome changes which have happened for people who live with disabilities. Horse poop! Horse stench...not the horses fault. I like horses. If people were as nice and considerate as animals we would have a much better world. Ok, now that I've got all the fussing out of my system, I'll tell you a story. Oh yes, there are many nice and considerate people. I know after all, I know you who hang out on WDC and who write for the readers, to educate and other reasons. Thank you for your hard writing work and for your friendship.

Recently I was locked out of hotmail.com, and surprise msn.com for no reason other than the system flagged my hotmail account for unusual activity. Ok, no problem, I'll use the form to gain access. Huge WRONG! I was not able to answer many of the questions asked because I didn't have accounts with the card information required. Most of the time I read messages from lists or websites sending information I requested like news letters. What the subject of my recent sent messages were is a mystery to me. There were other questions which went unanswered, so the system wouldn't allow me access to my accounts. Worse yet was the alternate account address was my msn account which was also locking me out. After many hours, days, and talking during this time with several different people I was informed that there was nothing that could be done because of security concerns. They can take their security and live with their tough policy. I lost those accounts permanently. Worse yet is that my bloodspot account is affiliated with my hotmail account. I hope and pray that google is more reasonable.

Had msn/hotmail asked for my name address, home phone number, and other information to prove who I am and based on this looked up my email account signup information they would have found a match for two email accounts which belong to me. This company has stolen my information locked within my inaccessible email accounts which apparently is legal. Now, here is the worst part about this situation.

Had I been able to provide a cell phone number so that a message could be sent to help unlock my accounts, there most likely wouldn't have been a problem. Because I can not use messaging, there is no reason to provide a cell phone number. Unfortunately, to my disgust and horror, in order to get into accounts now a cell phone number is required and messaging is the main method used to help people get into their accounts. As if this isn't bad enough, I found out tonight that I can not get a yahoo email account because I "must" submit the form with a cell phone number. Guess what??? not happening. I can not read messages sent to cell phones. The screens have been reduced while the information has been crammed onto the small screens. What happened to ADA, where is consideration for the people who can not afford cell phones and who don't qualify for government cell phones? What is a person who can not read what is displayed on a cell phone screen supposed to do to respond to a message which has the potential to lock or unlock their account? Sure there is a huge amount of technology to help people and much is useful for or can be modified for people who live with disabilities, yet the simplest important thing of access to an account is impossible because it is required for a cell phone number to be listed/linked to an account so that a message can be sent for accessing an account.

I tried to open a new email account with yahoo and ... you guessed it, I couldn't because a cell phone number was required to be able to submit the form. So, ok no problem, I'll open an email account with ragenmail. ragenmail is a paid email service. Well, I discovered that I have no way to open an account. You must fill in the cell phone number before the form will submit the information. Here we go again! I clicked on a link which is for someone who doesn't have cell phone number to submit and found a dead end because no one is available at the moment. Finally, I found another link for contacting this company and sent a message, or did I? Nope, not without more challenging frustrating stumbling blocks. This security captcha stuff is a night mare for me. When you can not see well and hear well, figuring out the captcha code to enter is a major challenge. Fortunately something finally came yp that I was able to fusee at correctly and I was able to send the form.

I invested more time and energy than expected, plus had the frustration and anguish of hitting one road block after the other. I hope in the near future there will be more solutions for account security and access for people who live with disabilities that are easy to use as well as accessible for all disabilities and multiple disabling conditions. As soon as I know more about this challenging time and situation, I will write an update. With Gods help and the guidance of the Holy Ghost things should work out marvelously and gloriously.

There is more to tell as part of my long and ongoing struggles and challenges for the past several months. March until the present day is when many things required my devoted attention precious time and limited strength and energy. You now know only a small part of why I've been away for very long periods of time and when I logged-in was here briefly.
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