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by RedEye
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An explanation of my stance and my when it comes to 50 Shites of Grey ! Very subjective.
Ladies and Gentlemen !
Y'all must've noticed the fact that crappy literature is well-read these days !
After all, if the book is not well sold; all you have to do is making a movie out of it, with cute male actors ; and teen girls would race to bookstores to buy your piece o'shit book, kinda like the twilight shit. (with full respect to Harry Potter because J.K Rowling's been writing these books and having'em read, before making the damn movies).
I spent some time as an exchange student in America, and went out with this European exchange student. Me being a gentleman, I let the chick choose the movie. And of course what she chose was a sick ole movie called "50 shades of Grey" ! I was like: "what's that?" And she was like "it's a romance!" I got kinda pissed in the beginning because a guy like myself would only watch action or drama stuff ! But I told myself; girls get touchy during a romantic movie, it wouldn't hurt me if she holds my hand (cuz I had my eye on this chick).
Anyway, the movie started... and then the movie ended ! And during the movie, I remember throwing-up twice, once in my mouth and then I just went to the bathroom for the second vomit-load. I didn't do that in "midnight meat train", I didn't do that in any "Saw" movie... yet I did it in 50 shades of Grey !
Alright let's get to the real talk and say why I hated (and I still do the movie, and the book). I hate BDSM (and I'm a foot fetishist, it's not the same, people! I just appreciate the beauty of the foot... not the beauty of being sexually humiliated or aggressed).
- It wants to impose a culture that is destructive to society. It wants to set new borders and limits to sex... Now lemme tell y'all about sex: it's a beautiful action that would transform two bodies into one entity which ensures its own pleasure. It's an act of passion -and love, sometimes. Getting sexual pleasure from the pain of your partner CANNOT BE SEX.
- Most of those who watch these movies are girls, right? Most of these girls are inexperienced virgins or not very active sexually! Watching that shit will make'em think that that's what SEX looks and feels like, and that they as girls should feel pain in order for their lover to achieve his sexual pleasure, and that that's genuine love. Being a foot fetishist, I know that my preference is not very common (the most common fetish, though). And therefore I wouldn't try to force it on anyone, especially kids.
- Sexist Hypocrisy, when they show a dominatrix (chick) in the movies, she would be portrayed as a fucking witch, an obsessed whole, and a sick person. But when Christian Grey does the same shit, he would be smoking hot and would be a victim, why ? because of fucking sexism in the society. I mean it's not like he's cuter than any actress portraying a dominatrix in a movie.
- Because the writer said that the book is erotic, is that erotism for her ?!!!!!
- It can justify household aggression.
And there are a lot of other reasons that I can't remember right now ! Peace... Marco "RedEye" D.S

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