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Sometimes we just don't know how blessed we are!
Eyes are much improved this morning!

I am forever thankful that I live in a time when medical science can make a difference in your sight health and life. I am just so sad that everyone, especially in America, cannot afford these treatments.

I checked to see what one shot cost -- not the visit, just the shot -- and the price was astronomical. Without "good" health insurance, I would already be blind. My independence would be gone (no driving, no reading, no visuals of anything including my children and grandchildren and great grands). Just thinking about the latter makes tears swell up in my eyes.

I wrote a piece a few days ago about my blessings and someone replied, "You could have just checked your pulse!" I smiled and replied " Could have checked my pulse and not been able to get out of bed. Opening my eyes got me out of the bed and no need to check my pulse. LOL BLESSINGS every one of them."

I know that each of us think in our own way about life. We think about things based on our life experiences, teachings and beliefs. No different for me. I was raised to be thankful for the little things, e.g., being cold rather than freezing to death; having a piece of bread and some syrup to go with it for dinner; living in a house that leaked more water inside than the rain falling outside because I was at least in a house. So, I have learned to be thankful for those little things, for me every working part of my body is a blessing. That is especially true of my eyesight that is is truly a special blessing.

When we have all five senses, we take them for granted. They have always been there, and they always will be there -- at least that is what we tend to think. Let me tell you, the possibility of losing just one of them is a very frightening thing. Losing one I am sure would be a life changer even with a pulse. LOL

My lesson for me each day is "Always be thankful for what I have without worrying about what someone else may have for what God has for me NO ONE can take away."

My little and possessions are someone else's dream for riches. Learning to be satisfied with what God has given you is a very hard lesson. We are continuously bombarded with the idea of getting the latest this or the improved that or the only one in the world media crap. No, I am not knocking progress, but, believe it or not, all progress is not necessarily good or FOR YOU! I recommend being discriminate in what you choose or buy in this lightning age, and even being content with some of what you already have.

In our disposable society, nothing seems to have value anymore -- including people. I suggest that we value people, not things. I propose that we appreciate ourselves more than we value what others think of us. I pray that one day we will value the word of God more than we do the words of man. When we do I believe that our world will be a much better place for everyone.

Peace and blessings as always.
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