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No release from writer's block yet. Experiencing pain from neck surgery. Keeping on.
If you are a writer, you are supposed to write. I have a finished but unedited book. I'm afraid I'll bring bipolar symptoms on myself when I dive into the subject matter. I've probably discovered a dozen paperwork books on bipolar disorder that I've bought but not even cracked a page to read yet. I started so enthusiastically, but I've got cataracts that need to be fixed. Reading is a strain on my eyes, then I get a headache. Probably all this is just me avoiding a difficult task I've set up for myself. So, I decided in the meantime to just write--whatever. I've gotten out of the daily habit of writing, and my words don'r come as fast or easily. Both reading and writing would help me get going on that book.

A couple of days ago "Misti Mama" appeared next to my vehicle when I was in a hurry to go to the store. About a year ago, I was gifted a pup, who had a pup about that long later. There were many cats from out litters calling my place home. I gave away the kittens I could, and the rest just kind of stayed around as inside/outside cats. Three or four cats totally disappeared. They had lived in harmony with my German Shepherd for all our lives. The little brown Chihuahua was so loud and had lots of energy for chasing. The lil brown dog got along with the white cat of 8 years and the gray male from a last summer litter. And then we have "Tommy Kitty" who is the most confused cat I've ever known.

"Misti Mama" and one of her older kittens look exactly alike, gray kitties with some stripes and some gray areas. Originally I called the gray kitten "the Gray Ghost." The name was originally shortened to "G. G." and pronounced :Gi Gi" with a French accent. Eventually, The name was shortened . Youca never know what happened to them for sure. They could have been pickedto just "G." He was into his forth or fifth months, "G" sprouted some double powder puff balls beneath his tale. Even I, the cat mama, could not tell the difference between "G" and "Misti" without looking or feeling. Plus, "Misti" had some kittens nursing her teats still, and she had moved them from inside the house to outside in the garage.

It all happened fast. The lil brown dog moved in, and "Misti Mama" and her litter disappeared. "Vanilla," everybody's grandmother left home too. I've had cats disappear from this house like no other. "Fella" and his twin "Felicia" disappeared, although I've noted the spayed female is living the next block down across the alley. I had a Calico, a Tortie actually, that I knew I wanted to keep. I got her fixed as early as possible. And one day she never came home. I never saw her again. I've never had cats just disappear like they have from this house. I live very close to an elementary school. Perhaps the dogcatcher works overtime in this neighborhood. And I live in a large subdivision, and two huge apartment complexes are near. It's that feeling that cat owner's get. You never really own a cat. They own you, and they decide the time you spend together Maybe they were called to live in a better place. But this last cat exodus was about a year ago when the lil brown dog went to live with a friend. The next night, "Vanilla" spent inside. It's as if she were laying in wait to get back in. Lil brown dog ran her off, but not away. In the next week, three other cats showed up for a chat and a nibble. "Misti Mama" has active kitty titties. I haven't seen or found the babies yet.

I'm not the only one confused about the male and female gray cats. "Tommy Kitty" was nursing for comfort, rather than nourishment. When "Misti" left, "Tommie Kitty" took to nursing on his "Uncle G." "G" didn't encourage or discourage the activity. "Tommie" had pointy teeth by then. When he was finished, he would put his paws back in their sockets, blinked his eyes awake, and got up and walked away from a very wet uncle belly. This has been going on for six months. If "Tommie" would be even more confused if he got adopted away from "G." And perhaps "Misti Mama" will move back into the house with her newest babies, so they can get adopted away. But what will "Tommie" do when he sees a male and female "mother?"

I love my cats. No kids, lots of cats.
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