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Flash fiction story of a stranded ship sailing home
Weathering the storm, the fishing ship S.S Marion was blown in the Bermuda triangle. Weeks past and the crew began to worry about seeing land again. The first mate entered the captain's quarters "Captain, we have enough rations to last till the end of the month. We need to find our way home."

Analyzing the maps on his desk, the Captain assured his first mate they are on course for land. "Lieutenant, judging the formation of the stars and the sun, we are heading north by north west. By my calculations, we should be in Caribbean waters within the next few days."

That afternoon the Captain walked on the deck of the ship when he heard a faint sound. The singing was so beautiful. What is that magnificent melody? He wondered. He looked to the right of the ship and saw three beautiful women floating on the water ten miles off course. The captain told the boatswain mate to turn the ship ninety degrees starboard. The ship made a sharp turn and headed back into uncharted waters. The first mate asked "Captain, what are you doing? We can get lost again."

"Nobody asked for your opinion. We will rescue those stranded."

The ship pulled up to the three women floating on a piece of debris. The Captain leaned over the side of the ship, "Good afternoon ladies, that was such a wonderful sound coming from such beautiful women. Come aboard our ship and I will guide you to safety."

The women snickered, and waved at the Captain to lean closer. The Captain bent further and all three women leaped and grabbed the Captain dragging him into the depths of the water. The crew only saw flippers and fins scurry down into the darkness of the ocean.

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