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family of 15 renting 3 large RV's to travel caravan
Azul Brazilian Airlines’ destination is New York and approximately 85 passengers are eager to disembark from a turbulent flight. Of those 85 passengers 15 of them are part of the Colombo family who are embarking on a journey to visit their mother, grandmother and sister - her name is Sabrina Colombo.
Once they arrive in New York they are planning on renting three Recreational Vehicles to travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
2 of the 5 flight attendants are walking down the aisle carrying a garbage bag collecting the remaining garbage. Once the flight attendants return to the galley an announcement comes through the speakers to the anxious passengers.
Por favor, apertem os cintos, nós estamos começando a nossa abordagem no Aeroporto Kennedy. Por favor, permaneçam sentados até o capitão apaga a luz do cinto de segurança

Please fasten your seatbelts, we are beginning our approach into Kennedy Airport. Please remain seated until the captain turns off the seatbelt light

The Colombo family have planned this trip for over a year so they could all be with Sabrina Colombo to celebrate her 100th birthday. The timing of this celebration also will include a visit with the Pope who will be visiting the Philadelphia area.
The family is looking forward to surprising their matriarch. Sabrina has been a devout Catholic all of her life. She attends mass every morning at 7 am with the other holy rollers of Philadelphia. The Colombo family is four brothers - Miguel, Nichols, Otavio, Luiz and their baby sister Agatha. The fruits of their existence are Enzo, Francisco, Antonio, Olivia & Igor. Their ages are from 15 to 30 years. The younger ones are not too thrilled to leave their friends back in Buenos Aires.

Miguel looks across the aisle to his brothers Nichols, Otavio & Luiz and says,
“Who has the paper work for the RV’s?”
“What do you mean ? You have it - you better have it! Otavio says frustrated
Their sister Agatha is sitting in the aisle behind them hears their banter, she stands up and hangs the confirmation email in their faces, which she received from the RV representative that there will be three RVs waiting for them in the long term parking lot at Kennedy Airport. Fueled and ready to go.
“Listen to me, there better be no fighting on this trip. We have planned this trip for so long I do not want some macho childish issues to crop up.” With that said, Agatha sat back down between her sister-in-laws Sophia and Julia.
The brothers looked at each other and with an unspoken nod at each other realized she was right.
“Ok, listen up everyone as soon as we collect our luggage let’s head to the bus station that will shuttle us to the RV’s.” Miguel announced to the group before leaving the plane.
Miguel has always taken the lead, maybe because he is the oldest and after their father died he has stepped up to watch out for his siblings and their children’s affairs.
Around 3 pm all three RVs were successfully transporting the Colombo family to their destination Philadelphia, but first to the closest supermarket so they could stock up on food. Each RV was already equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS). They also were keeping in touch with each other through texting which was working out great. This way they could coordinate when to stop and refuel when necessary.
Since each RV sleeps 8 they worked out that Miguel Sophia, Enzo, Nichols, Julia Francisco Antonio would be in one. Otavio, Laura Luiz Petra Olivia would be in the second and Agatha, Rafael, Igor, Olivia would be in the last.

Once they were fortified with provisions they drove through to Philadelphia without too much trouble. The younger cousins kept texting back and forth to try and get their parents to stop so they could get some snacks, but the adults were not hearing it.
Of course the brothers had to compete to see who would lead the caravan to Pennsylvania. It started getting tricky when cars starting beeping at them when they were swerving in and out of traffic with these humongous RVs. A state trooper got involved when he observed them at one point when one of the RV’s was trying to speed to get in front of another one.
By the time they reached Philadelphia thankfully they were all still speaking to one another. The siblings left all of the drama in the RV and was present to celebrate their mother Sabrina Colombo birthday and rejoice in seeing the Pope.
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