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Over-population is killing nature, it leads to poverty and pollution.

what exactly is pollution? sound, air or food?
pollution can be anything? it can be felt in the air through nose, it can be in the food you eat or it can be felt by your ears(honking horns on the road).

world was not aware of this menace when everything started.

human race is the basic inventor of this killer disease.

population is one of the major tool which designed it beautifully as an architect.

over population lead to everything? traffic problems started when vehicles certainly got overloaded. shortage of jobs developed courtesy increasing number of people around.

recession was born due to this?

if we talk about a country like India, all the problems start and end at the word 'population'.

god created a beautiful world for all the living beings but human introduction made all other beings suffer with no fault of theirs?

Brain was our USP but it became more of a hindrance than a tool for us(mankind).

can pollution be controlled now?

is there a step left to control population?

questions are lot to be answered... who will answer them?

are only particular areas hurt by this menace or the whole world is suffering?

literacy of mankind is must to stop this venom.

Global warming is like a slow poison which you can't even see coming.

50 years back from now, nothing like over population existed and 50 years ahead from now, nothing will exist.

steps in the right direction need to be taken but the timing is very important.

probability ratio of this menace is more in Indian sub continent than others.

we human are more responsible and adequate steps should be taken by us.

population leads to pollution and further global warming so controlling it is a must.

as the saying goes, word is a word until we shoot.

results occur when steps are taken.

control birth rate, don't over use vehicles, avoid garbage... are all very small steps to achieve something big in future.

gift the generations to come what god gifted us? a beautiful world.

stop taking these menaces as part and parcel of life?

react before its too late?

karma and dharma are both equally important aspects of life.

god gifted us a beauty, all we can best do is at least preserve it?

population control will to a large extent control pollution.

positive frame of mind is all what is required?


over population leads to all the menaces of pollution, global warming, recession, poverty, crime... something called nature will no longer exist like this.

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