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by Rhyssa
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something happy upon request.
This is no time for work,
This is no time for puns,
This is no time to shirk,
There is fun to be done.

When Mom leaves to sleep,
(Oh, she worries too hard)
Past the fences we creep
To rework the backyard—

With shovels and paintballs,
A hose for the moat,
A platoon of rag dolls
And dragons that float—

Lumber and handsaws
(‘Cause chainsaws are loud)
And fritters and bear claws
To sugar the crowd.

We crank up mood music—
(Maybe Brahms’ lullaby)
And finish our task, quick—
How our toolboxes fly!

So that when she looks out
(When she’s up from her nap)
She will give a big shout
(Or maybe just clap)

To see the tree palace
We’ve built cause we care,
Complete with a chalice
And Mom's teddy bear,

And multihued walls
Still dripping with paint
And a miniature falls—
‘Cause our Mom is a saint.

And we’ll tell her we love her,
And she will just laugh
At the mess we’ve incurred—
Quite upon her behalf.

line count: 36

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