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by Rhyssa
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four brief images
a feral car on the beltway,
abandoned and snarling,
hood up,
the reek of oil chokes my breath
a noxious cloud,
blue licks across the engine
like water on rocks.
I pass, but the image
etches itself behind my eyes,
with what should not be.

a glow across the sky.
the smell of a storm
from my porch swing.
lightning strikes—
saguaros march
ahead in flickering shadows,
arms lifted in prayer.
coals ignite a cactus flank
red blossoms,
flowers in the desert.

a pinpoint of candle light
catches a teardrop
in dripping wax.
I see its companions:
a teddy bear,
the picture of a frolicking child,
a white ribbon tied
around the light post,
it captures the memory of light
cut short.

a flush of reddish gold
filling the hearth.
I sit with you,
your hand fever-hot in mine
as we watch the blaze
snug against the snow.
the aroma of burning cedar and cinnamon
catches on my tongue.
I rest my head into your shoulder—

line count: 40

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