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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Supernatural · #2059568
Vincent's fight. Enter two new characters.
         Vincent sped through the empty streets to find the werewolf in his family’s territory. He smelled the werewolf close by which made his eyes glow brightly and grin madly. He parked his motorcycle in front of an abandon building that was a mile from his house and four blocks away from Lexus house. He growled at how close the werewolf was to Lexus. He took off his helmet and placed it on top of the motorcycle seat before walking inside.

         Once inside, he sniffed the air to locate the werewolf in the building. A howl erupted throughout the building which made him look up quickly to see the werewolf charging towards him from a hole in the ceiling. Vincent grabbed the werewolf by the shoulders before it tackle him. He glares at the werewolf with his bloody red eyes as the werewolf glares back at him with its yellow eyes.

"Prepare to die, mutt!" He yelled at the werewolf who just growls at him.

         The werewolf charged at him, but he used vampiric speed to grab the werewolf by its tail and threw him against the wall hard. When the werewolf hit the wall, it cracked in different directions. The werewolf growled more as it ran at him again and tackles him onto the ground. Vincent grips the werewolf head as he kept the wolf from trying to snap his own head off.

         Vincent used his vampiric strength and threw the werewolf off him. The werewolf land on his feet and charged at him again. He dodged the werewolf and made his claws grow longer than their normal size. This time around Vincent charged at the werewolf and stabbed his claws into the werewolf's back which cause it to whimper in pain. The werewolf turns and bites Vincent in the leg and pulls him off it. Vincent hissed in pain as he sees the blood spilling through his blue jeans. The werewolf jumped on top of him again and bit down on his neck while slashing his chest multiple times. The werewolf whimpered loudly in pain as he jumps off of Vincent with its mouth smoking. Vincent laid on the ground in pain and unable to move. The werewolf turned and glared at him with its now cross burn tongue hanging out.

'Lexus...' Vincent thought as he waited for the werewolf to finish him off, but he saw a black burr pass over him. He raised his head a little and saw a tall guy wearing a black suit stand in front of him.

"Father?" Vincent question as the black shoulder-length hair man glance at him with a grin.

"Don't worry, my son. I'm here to help." The man said as he glared at the werewolf.

"Thank you, father." He chuckled as he laid his head back down on the ground.

         Vincent's father hissed at the werewolf deadly, but the werewolf ignored him and glared at Vincent then left the building quickly. His father watched the werewolf curiously as it disappear completely. His father walks over to his side and helps him up.

"It seems that werewolf was only after you, my son." His father said as he supported him up on his feet.

"I don't know why. I don't remember pissing off any werewolves lately." Vincent said as he chuckled weakly.

         His father shook his head as they walked outside. "I need to get you home quickly, my son. So, I'm going to have Victor bring your motorcycle home." His father said as he rushed him home and he nodded weakly. His father got him home and brought him into his beautiful room and laid him on his bed. (AN: just remember the description in the dream in chapter two.)

"Want me to go get your human to feed you, my son?" his father asked which caused Vincent to glare at him.

"Don't you dare touch her, father! She is safe and asleep right now. I don't want her to see me like this and worry." he growled at his father. His father raised his hands up in defeat, "Then I just bring you a blood pack or two." Vincent nodded as he closed his eyes. His father walked out of the room and closed the door. "Lexus...my bride." he whispered before falling to sleep.

         Vincent's father smiled from outside of his son’s room as he heard his words. "My son...had finally found his bride." Vincent's father whisper as he walked down the hall.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2059568