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Mayhem on the High Seas
Aboard the LegoSea

The weather man said something I couldn't believe.
A hurricane is coming. They're calling it Steve.
That's kinda funny cuz that's my name, too.
And exactly what do hurricanes do?

Never before have we had one of those.
Sure, floods and tornadoes that'd curl your toes.
We've had hailstorms, windstorms, and an earthquake or two.
But a hurricane? Now that's something totally new.

Especially concerning since I live on a boat.
I've been bobbing around, just me and my...goat?
Yes, a goat. That's right. In this vast open sea
that lies between Tileland and Mybooti.

Wind's picking up, it's a full-force gale.
Goat and me frantically drop the sail.
Waves crash over us, leaving strange debris,
Ninja, crocodile and one monster Banshee.

Goat says to me, "We can't all fit below,
And that crocodile, he has got to go."
I see his point, the crocodile's licking his chops.
But I can't turn away anyone til the storm stops.

A huge wave hits us broadside and we roll.
We lose the croc, but gain a club-wielding troll.
Don't think this is better; in fact, could be worse.
Ninja, goat and me, we gotta converse.

The boat's pitching and tossing, it's two against three.
The troll lumbers forward, Banshee cackles with glee.
Ninja back flips and punches, he's amazing, so quick
And Goat, he nails Banshee with one solid kick.

The deck is so slick. My boat, how she groans,
But I can't let my friends fight these monsters alone.
The rain pounds on my helmet, leaves me stupefied,
Made me forget what I have at my side.

With a flourish, so graceful, I brandish my weapon.
My light saber whirs to life. Into the fray I step in.
Slash and feint, this way and that, it's a slaughter.
With one final swing, I yell, "Luke, I'm your father."

High Fives all around, we've won the war
When my mother calls through the door.
"Steve, pull the plug. You must be a prune."
Aw, shucks. That was fun. Tomorrow, monsoon!

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