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Poem: the concept of "progress," for "~ The Poet's Place Cafe~"
Progression through life is like steps toward our eternity

When I was born, I lay helpless
when I grew older I learned to crawl
when I practiced crawling I gained walking strength
When I took first steps they were few

as I practiced walking I gained strength and coordination
as years went by I got stronger and walked further
as I walked further I saw new places
as I saw new places I walked further

Years passed and I learned and walked more
years passed and I had great knowledge and walked less
years passed and I walked very little
years passed and I stopped walking

progress is now measured in the little things
progress is measured in my relationship with God
Progress is like unto breathing in the essence of life and it’s meaning
progress is my relationship with God, jesus, and the Holy Ghost

life eternal is my permanent home
life eternal is what life is all about
life eternal is following Jesus
life eternal is where heaven greats me forever

progress is knowing who I am
progress is reading scripture
progress is knowing that life is a gift
progress is adoption into Jesus family for all time and all eternity

death is but a transition to my forever home
death is giving up life on earth
death is moving into spiritual life
death is gaining spiritual and body union for all time and all eternity

I have progressed
I live in His presence forever
I have a new forever home with Him
I have a new body and new spirit forever
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