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After realizing that a twin is alive, the king of Masters, Obsevious, starts his hunt.
[Contest: Three Prompts; Prompt 3]

Word Count: 1999

A group of necromancers had to kill a kid to initiate a successful empire. They did the sin and their rule began in this modern world.

Present Day:

“Sir Obsevious, we have received news that the son we killed has a twin.” whispered Pemtulus into the ears of Obsevious, the leader of the Masters.

“A twin? Why didn’t we find out then?”

“Sir Obsevious, I am sorry. We are sorry.”

“It has been eight years since our alliance began, and now you tell this. You scoundrel,” angered Obsevious.

“I am sorry, sir.”

“I always thought that you were good.”

Pemtulus bowed his head down in respect, shame and fear of Obsevious.

Obsevious continued, “But, I don’t want good.”

The leader started rotating his wrists. His supernatural powers were squeezing the insides of the abdomen of Pemtulus. He was in enormous pain and knelt down, with blood rushing out of his mouth.

“I need perfect.”

Saying this, he rotated his wrists completely, demolishing Pemtulus from the inside. Blood gushed out of Pemtulus's mouth.

“Clean this and take him to Ahhanama Forest. Macerated intestines would be a treat for the Ahhanamas, ” said Obsevious with an evil, but tough smile.

A couple of members of the group came and took away the dead server.

Obsevious ordered his first person, Sementua, also known as secretary these days to “kahdd asaauss powlle”.

Sementua started to walk through the corridors. She went to a room and on the door, it was written “POWLLE” which meant “all” in their language. Their language was never known to the world. Though they were well versed in all the languages around the world, inner communications were done mostly in Manchearienia. Manchearienia was a language used by the Masters, which was buried in the sand along with their history after their final fall.

Sementua opened the door and went inside. There was a huge bell, with a 30 inch diameter, and a long, thick clapper. To the bell, there was a long rope, around 100 feet, connected in order to ring the bell. Normal people are incapable of even moving this rope by an inch. Those who are made the first person shall only possess the power to ring it. Sementua started pulling the rope with ease. The resonating sound of the bell was so loud, which could be deafening to normal people. The vibrations produced by the sound waves were able to shake off the debris on the walls of the palace.

The marching sound of people was suddenly heard all over the place. All the soldiers aka masters, wearing black clericals wrapped around the whole body, covered the entire area of the palace. Sementua came back from the room and stood beside Obsevious with her head down.
Obsevious saw all the masters standing in front of him.

He shouted, “Yii neviae freia hassnthe.”

Hearing this, all the masters stood up straight. They slowly knelt before Obsevious, with their hands on their chests.

Obsevious continued, “Our stature is in great danger. I heard news that the kid has a twin.”

The masters were exchanging confused looks with each other. As it was a closed castle, the sounds of mumbling were clear.

“Stop. Listen to me,” ordered Obsevious.

“You divide yourselves into five groups and start searching the five directions.”
As far as our history is considered, we know that only four directions exist, i.e. north, south, east, and west. But according to the ancestral preaching of the first generation Masters, there were five directions. These five directions were declared by the king with respect to the sun’s position from his chair. When the sun was directly above his head, it was called as Hasnkla. If it was at the diagonals, on the left it was called as Pouvck, and on the right it was called as, Buovkc. If the sun couldn’t been seen after Buovkc, it meant sunset, which was called as Lkityu and sunrise was meant as Ukthyu. But Hasnkla is a dimensional direction in space which points the direct route to the sun. According to Manchearienial scripts, this was considered to be the provenance of darkness. It was later understood the directions were the sides relating to the end points of a pentagon.

Without saying a word or asking a question, all the pupils left.

Sementua called Obsevious, “Which side are you taking master?”

Obsevious turned back with a fierce look on his face and held the throat of Sementua.

“I don’t answer to harlots. You are my first person. That doesn’t give you an opportunity to question the mighty Obsevious.”

Sementua was choking and was in a fatal position. Obsevious was nowhere near losing the tight grip on her throat.

He continued, “You shouldn’t ask questions. You are devoid of the facility.”

Obsevious left his grip on her throat, and she fell from 4 feet above the ground before she hit the floor filled with tiny debris. She was in pain.

“Prepare my Humponious. We are meeting Cutunia. ”

Humponious was the vehicle which is only used by the leader of the Masters’. It looked like a chariot, but it was run by two dark black horses with red strips below their eyes.

Obsevious and Sementua reached the place of Cutunia within no time. They got down from Humponious and started walking angrily into her place.

“Where is Cutunia? I want to talk to her immediately.”

“Acuae husjkaa olaam.” Replied the servant
Obsevious could hear the moans of Cutunia while he was sitting on the chair in the hall. Sementua started to massage his shoulders while he was sipping his Pouleam, a drink offered to everyone who visits her place.

As he was sipping, he could see Cutunia walking slowly down from a long flight of stairs. She was a young lady in her mid 20’s. She was known to have a clairvoyant mind. Cutunia was the foreteller who told the Masters that the death of a “Nuanjien” mother along with her children would result in the burgeoning of their empire. Nuanjien meant the “blood of freedom” in Manchearienia.

“Obsevious, how come you came to my abode? Needed little more steam to your virility?” she winked at Sementua.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Tell you what?” replied confused Cutunia.

“About the twin. Why didn’t you tell us about the twin?”

“What twin?”

“Why didn’t you tell us that the Nuanjien mother had a twin?”

“I don’t know any twin. She had one son and you people killed him.”

Obsevious was surprised by the answers of Cutunia. He thought that she was hiding something from him, but she in the first place, didn’t have answers for him.

“How did you know about a twin?” questioned Cutunia.

“My sources. And before you say anything, I trust my sources and they are credible enough.”

Cutunia gave a grim look to him and went back to the closet in the huge hall. She took a packet which contained bits of nails and hair in it. She came in front of Obsevious, took a knife, cut her wrist open, and inserted a piece of nail into the skin through the blood. Her eyes became purple with a smile on the face. Soon, the face started becoming dull. The smile was gone. Obsevious understood that something was wrong. She closed her eyes, and tapped her fingers. As she tapped them, the cut on the wrist was gone and she opened her eyes.

“There is a twin. I couldn’t see that before because her birth doesn’t relate to the righteous mate. It may be a case of double facet. The second insemination happened by a man who was not a consort to her.”

Obsevious was shocked.

“Did you say that the twin is a girl?”
“Yes. She is.”
“Can you find the location of her?”

Cutunia gave the location of the twin. Obsevious and Sementua stood up and started to walk back to the Humponious. As she was walking, she tripped on her own feet and fell down. There were no injuries, and she stood up. Seeing this,

“Careful, Sementua.”
“I will be. Thank you,” smiled Sementua.

Obsevious and Sementua started travelling to the place given by Cutunia. Sementua felt a bit drowsy and went to sleep on the vehicle. Seeing this, Obsevious gave a tough look, but left her alone without disturbing.

Finally, Humponious reached the location. It was pitching dark. The neigh of the horses woke Sementua. As it was dark, she couldn’t see anything. Both of them left the chariot and started walking in the night. Obsevious could see a house, but Sementua had trouble because she had just woken up. But she could feel that she has seen that place before.

They went to that house. Obsevious tapped his fingers and the door opened. Both of them went into the house. Sementua could feel the déjà vu of being in that place, but halted on that thought. They started walking up a flight of stairs. The feeling was increasing for Sementua. They went a room and opened the door. It was not locked. Obsevious could see a little girl sleeping on the bed with a duck toy in her hand.
Suddenly, the lights lit up.

“Sementua, is that you?” asked the doubted old man.

Then, she realized that she was in her own house and it was her daughter that would be killed. Though she didn’t have a child of her own, she found a little girl eight years ago on the corner of a street. She took her and raised her. But after a few years, the Masters raided her town and killed everyone who were unwilling to come with them. To save the child, she sent her father and her from the secret gates of the town and surrendered herself to the masters. The masters never came to know that they existed. After a couple of months moving on the roads with a child up his hands, the old man returned to the same place from where there were taken. He thought that that place would be the last the masters would search.

Sementua rushed into the room to see Obsevious taking out his weapon. She held his hand and tried to stop him. This angered him and he knocked her against the wall with his magic. She was stuck to the wall.

“Please take me. Leave her. She is just a kid.”
This noise woke up the girl.

“Mommy?” shouted the girl rubbing her eyes.

Obsevious was obviously shocked to hear that.

“What? Now this is interesting,” said wicked Obsevious.
Sementua begged “Please leave her. Kill me. Please.”
“Now I have another brilliant idea. You have to kill her.”
“No. Please. I can’t do that,” weeped Sementua.
“It’s either you or me. Choose. Painful death or silent death.”

“Okay. I will do it.” Replied Sementua.

She knew that this was her only chance to pull off an Assuaialio. She brought every ounce of power and dark magic in her body into her plan and touched the forehead of her daughter.

“I am sorry.”

On touching her, she turned into ashes. No body of the child. But this execution has taken every ounce of energy in her. Her body hit the floor with a huge slap. She was dead. Obsevious smiled and went out. He saw the old man running.

Obsevious came out of the house. He admired himself seeing the scenic of the old man’s head rolling from the door. He got up on his Humponious and started his journey back to his palace.

Later that day:

Angus returned home from his job. His wife, Annie, was sitting on the couch with a shy look on her face.

“Is it good news?” asked Angus.
“Yes. You are going to be a dad.”

Hearing this, he hugged her tightly with happiness and love.

According to the Manchearienia scripts, ‘Assuaialio’ is a forbidden magic trick, which means ‘rebirth with the blood of freedom’.

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