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English Assignment, I got a level 7 for this so any suggestions??
How the monster rose again
Tartarus. The pit of despair, the pit of darkness, the pit of death. But the most important name is the pit of destroyed, utmost evil.
Once upon a time, a creature called Kampe was destroyed into thousands of pieces. By none other than the great Lord of the Skies, God of the world, the majestic Zeus. Along with his brother and sister gods, and, of course, the prisoners the Hundred-handed-Ones and Cyclopes. It was horrible, the fight was nothing like the ones you have. But we had good reason to hurt her. After all, she kept captive our brothers- which I have already told you about, keep up! We needed to destroy her, otherwise she'd aid the most maleficent, evil, awful Titan Kronos.
We didn't want this, as we were the ones to overthrow our Father Kronos.
However, that's all a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Well, not really- haven't you watched Star Wars? Sorry, these humans invented such fascinatingly, fake stories.
We fought against Kronos, but before that. Kampe's prisoners crafted us brothers' amazing weapons; Lightning Bolt for Zeus, Trident for Poseidon and The Helmet of Darkness for me. Sadly, there wasn't enough time for the prisoners to craft our sisters weapons' Hera was deeply annoyed.
Anyway, we still fought off Kampe and threw her parts into the pit of Tartarus.
Then we destroyed Kronos and his minions and gave each of them a worse fate.
Though, now we know Kampe's story we can go onto the one at hand.
At midnight, Kampe escaped. No-one knows how, but we all know why. Revenge. But as I assured Zeus; it would never happen again.
This is the story of how Kampe came out of Tartarus. How the monster rose again.
Thinking so hard. Wanted revenge so much. Naturally, she willed herself back together. It took time, effort and pain; she must have been trying for aeons; since we banished her in fact. Piece by piece, blood by blood, flesh by flesh she built herself back whole once more. Literally. But, luck was on her side. After all, no-one had ever escaped the worst part of Hell once the terrifyingly amazing Hades took over.
With rage, she willed herself together. Still, no-one knew she was out. She opened the door and slithered slowly out. Out came the beautiful head and upper body of a woman, snakes for long hair and a snakeskin top. Decorating her waist, was the heads of many ferocious beasts; lions, boars, bulls and tigers are just a few of the fifty horrendous, disgusting, beheaded heads. Next was the lower dragon, scaly, oily body. Then a thousand odd snakes made up each led, they hissed and hissed. Finally, a massive blood-red scorpion tail came winding out of the hole-like-door. Her wings, they came out with the furious tail. They rose from her shoulders the tips reaching the end of the tail, leathery yet feathery, scaly yet smooth, hard yet soft; they were hard to describe. Except the colour, which blended right into the night sky with the purple tinge. She licked her lips in satisfaction and out came the red, serpents' forked tongue.
Stretches like a cat. Then she realised she's out and glided away. On the way, she destroyed a couple of cities, monuments and towns because that is what monsters like her do. This alerted Zeus, of course; he was the Patron God of them places. But she is a monster and that is what monsters like her do. Zeus though, didn't know it was her, after all who would expect Kampe to come from Tartarus?
Finally, she reached the palace of the gods. She took a couple of minutes to gaze in awe of the most magnificent, most glamorous, most hidden palace of the gods. Probably, it deserved a bit more wonder then just a couple of minutes worth, but, after all, she is a monster and that is what monsters like her do. Her tremendous tail rose, her serpent's tongue flickered out, and her fangs snarled, she was ready to attack. Although, she waits, waiting for the best time. A few seconds passes. Voices raise inside. They are louder, so loud, it sounds like they are right by the door. Kampe runs off, behind the wall and out of the sight of anyone inside or exiting the palace. I say, she gets more strategic as the time goes by. Somehow, she manages to hide in a place that enables her to see the leaver but not it her.
Hearing him yell in a dignified voice only a king can master; Father Zeus, thank you for helping my Kingdom prosper. She hears this and sees him leave. As he leaves, Zeus flies off to the Underworld to talk to me, Hades. However, Kampe does not know this and pounces on Zeus' son, demanding to know where his Kingdom is. He begs for help, but does not say Zeus' name (silly, human- doesn't he know to get the attention of a God you have to say their name?). Kampe is extremely persuasive, she more or less kills him and tricks him saying that she'll bring him back to life if he tells her everything she wants to know. This isn't true as she does not have this power, but he does not know this. Zeus' son is not loyal.
Kampe snarls: What is your kingdom?
The unnamed son whimpers: Kingdom of Sparta.
Kampe: Bye, bye!
I don't actually know how the conversation goes but I imagine it goes a bit like that.
Kampe rips his guts out and throws them down into his Kingdom and pins the blood-dripping, barely alive body onto the door of Zeus' palace. The boy then uttered out the name of Zeus, and Kampis a coward and flees rather than facing Zeus' wrath of killing his mortal son. Blood and teeth fall off her, as Kampflees into hiding. As she is a monster and that is what monsters like her do. Zeus flies down onto his temple and sees the blooded corpse, still-alive on his door. Instantly, he turns his son into a wreath of purple and blue flowers to end his suffering. Now, when the gods enter Zeus' palace they will see the beauty and richness of it. As to this day, the pretty purple and blue flowers are only ever in Zeus' Kingdom, it is called Blue Callyie.
But as for Kampe, she was lucky . . . in theory.
Zeus flies down into the Underworld to confront me, Hades, about how she got out of Tartarus. Tartarus. The pit of despair, the pit of darkness, the pit of death. I tell him that I do not know how, but am doing everything possible to understand how. However, said I, I do, at least, know why she wanted to escape. Revenge. She wanted revenge on those of us who chopped her into pieces and threw her into Tartarus. Yet, I carried on, you found that she was out, you realised that Kampe did it. You recognized her handiwork, forcing her to go in hiding. Zeus questions me and demands to know, how I didn't know there was a security breach? I respond and say nothing since the beginning of your reign has escaped the pits of Tartarus. It was thought to be impossible. But why now, why now in 2015 did Kampe escape? It may have taken her aeons to build back her form. Don't worry, Zeus. I am doing everything within my power to stop anyone else escaping. [I'm not doing everything, but my amazing brother Zeus need never know.] And harming anyone, especially you. But, Hades set you daemons and beasts on the hunt to find Kampand I will send out search parties. I will be back to check this is being done. Then the Lord of the Sky flew off.
Without as much as a 'thank you, Hades' or a 'please, Hades', but that's his style. A tiger will never change its stripes.
So, humans beware of Kampe. She will kill and torture anyone who crosses her path, as well as those that don't. Don't ask me why; she is a monster and that is what monsters like her do. It doesn't matter if you are a relation of the Gods, if you are alive and you see her- well that will be the last thing you see. Look around every corner, check the house before you go to sleep at night and know you will never be safe until we capture her. This is part of my warning Zeus told me to send. Also, the Underworld of the dead is getting very full. Consider yourself warned and I would wish you luck, but there is no luck involved.
Lord of the Dead;

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