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from many ancestors back, the ring had magicl purposes.
The ring in all it's majesty, was given to an ancestor of Evelyn and then to Emily.


In the 1600s, the Irish Clan, the Mahan’s, believed and talked to the faeries. During one of the wars, a Mahan man was singled out and given a special ring. They loved him as he was very kind and helpful to them all. It was explained the ring held much power.

The ring in all it's glory was made of solid gold encrusted with large diamonds in a unity circle on top and on the sides. On the top the diamonds incircled a large saphire with five rose colored diamonds, four bagets and one emerld cut. It was a sight to behold. But not many ever saw it.

As the years passed, the power of the ring was forgotten. But the ring was passed down from family to family, usually to the elder son. By the time it got to Jacob and Nicole, the parents and Jacob had died, so the ring was given to Nicole by the Lawyer who had been entrusted with the families vast fortune.

When Nicole’s daughter, Evelyn married John Miller, Nicole gave it to John to give to his bride. Nicole explained it had a special power, but didn’t tell him what. In truth, Nicole really didn’t know either. John put the ring away and forgot it for a while. One night he remembered it and while he and Evelyn were dancing on the

balcony of their home, he gave it to Evelyn. Because the ring was too large for her finger, she put it away and was going to take it into the Jewler the next week and have it cut down to fit her. But that never happened. Evelyns husband, John was killed on the mountain road on his way home.

Bonus: Word building

ring - rink
man - mad
finger - ginger
power - lower
kill - pill
home - dome
died - pied
large - barge

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