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Jacob is sixteen and completely spoiled when his sister Nicole is born. He hates her.
This story revolves around Emily and the Trickster. When Emily was young she had to fight him off and she thought she had killed.
The Trickster comes back when Emily is eighteen. Emily finds out form the faeries,he is back. He has stone the Queen of Faeries, Elsa.
The faeries ask Emily to help find her. Emily has been in a very bad accident and was in the hospital for over a week. She has a cast on her right leg and her right arm. Unbeknownist, it was the Trickster who caused the car crash.

Emily agrees to go even though it will be very hard for her. she loves the faeries and would do anything for them. She quietly goes out the back door and into the forest, the one from long ago and begins to look for the

Before Emily left, she and her parents had an argument. Brad had come home for the summer from the University. Emily apologizes to her parents and they make up right before the accident.
Once they find Emily gone, all three of them set out to find where she is in the forest. They too will encounter the Trickster for the firt time and will see and talk to the faeries for the first time.

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