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by Muntoo
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I dont know if ghosts exist
There are many old homes in New England. Here in the north of Boston, u see homes that are hundreds of years. Since Massachusetts is the oldest state in the union, u have old homes occupied by generations of home owners.

My first encounter with a spook was in Salem, Mass. U know, the home of the witches.

One day, I came from work and I saw this ambulance across from my apt. Apparently that apt was rented by a bunch of college students.

Apparently earlier that day, a college student overdosed. He then died.

I did not see anything of it. That apt was on the second floor across from my apt. I was on the top most apt.

A few nights later. I was sleeping. I saw this black apparition floating a few feet from my bed, and above. So I saw this, and I screamed at the top of my tongue "Get Out of here!!!

That apparition came at least a few more times at that apt.

At another apt, i had 2 roommates I shared with. I did not know it then, but there was some other being at that apt.

I found out that something in the apt did not like one or both roommates. I couldn't blame whatever that was in the apt that disliked or hated my roommates. It was for good reason.

One day, as one of my former roommates was walking past me, I felt something like a cold wind passed me. All of a sudden, that roommate tripped and fell on the sofa. That roommate accused me in tripping him.

Of course in my current apt which is a few hundred years old, there were many times I saw strange things.

The first couple months nothing happened. Then one night, I saw this black thing hurling in front if me while I was sleeping. I did not know what it was but I was trying to sleep. So I screamed, half scared, "GET OUT!!!!" Then I went back to sleep.

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