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Two old friends run for their lives.
         Joe and Jim clung to each other gasping for air. Joe's pulse pounded in his ears, but he could still hear the woman pacing and sobbing. "Fangs, demon fangs," she cried over and over. Joe was still dazed. He was worried about Jim. Neither of them was getting any younger and they'd just narrowly survived a chance encounter. Staring into his friend's wide eyes, Joe saw the reflection of his own fear.
         It had begun as most of their nights did. The two old pals had visited the kitchen hoping to rustle up a snack. One minute they were rummaging on the counter, and then, bam, they were blinded by a sudden fierce light. Of course, their first thought had been to hide, so they dove under the first available shelter. That's when all hell broke loose.
          The startled woman began screaming and they instinctively ran. It was a bit awkward scrambling and dragging the latex mask. It slowed them down considerably. Their frantic efforts were hindered by several swipes from a brandished broom. Oh, it had been harrowing and hit or miss, but they'd managed to reach the stove and burrow under it. Shrugging off the grotesque mask hadn't been easy either. Now, they needed to lie low and wait for the weeping woman to calm down. They were fairly certain that they were safe for now. As mice, they'd experienced setbacks before. Once their breathing returned to normal, maybe they could devise a new exit strategy. (248 words)
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