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Some people will do anything to get away with "A Wagering Problem."

A Wagering Problem

     Flin was in an old building that looked like it was about to fall down. He was tied to a chair. His shoes and socks were next to his chair. Kilven was using a feather to tickle Flin with. Flin was laughing hysterically.

     “Why are you doing this?” YoLinda was tied up in a chair right next to her brother Flin.

     “Because I like to see people laugh.” Gai was standing right behind Flin – with her long fingernails digging into his shoulders.

     “Your baby brother owes us a lot a Credits.” Kilven didn’t stop tickling Flin.

     “Did you know your little brother had a Wagering problem? His favorite way to lose is dice.” That time it was Gai who spoke.

     “How much does he owe you?” YoLinda was struggling to get out of her bonds.

     “Don’t give them anything.” Flin was having a lot of trouble saying that. “They are the ones who own me.”

     “I think they have a lot to talk about. Let’s let them talk about it alone.” Gai was obviously in charge there. “By the way, you can scream for help all you want. You won’t get any. We are fifty miles from civilization.”


     “What are we going to do?” YoLinda was really trying to get out of her bonds now.

     Flin was looking around the room they were in as best as they could. “There is a lot of flammable stuff here. If I had something to start it, I could start a fire.”

     When Kilven and Gai returned a couple of hours later the building was engulfed in flames. They could hear screaming from within.

     Suddenly the screaming stopped. “How are we going to get the Credits he owes us now?”

The End?

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