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Rated: E · Short Story · Death · #2064974
This is a true story of an otherworldly encounter.
 A Child's Story  (E)
This is a true story of an otherworldly encounter.
#2064974 by Chris Breva Congrats on20WDC!!

Prompt words: Haunted, Dark Woods, Full Moon, Ghosts

I probably won't use the prompt words Haunted, Dark Woods, Full Moon, Ghosts in my story because it did not happen in the dark woods nor did it happen on a full moon. I also do not believe in being haunted nor do I believe in ghosts. However the story you are about to read is true. It happened just as I tell it. I often make up stories. After all I am a writer and that is what writers do. This story did not happen to Chris Breva, the author. It happened to me, Marvin Schrebe AKA Chris Breva. It is based on actual events. I thought this an appropriate time of year for its telling though it actually occurred in the spring.

I always knew I was gifted, if you can call it a gift. I can tell if a house has a "history". In other words I feel people who are between worlds. I don't like to use those terms though. I prefer to think in terms of psychic energy that is left behind. You see I am a reader. I "read" this energy. I have seen people murdered who lived centuries before me. There is one which sticks with me however. A house I lived in someplace in Ohio gave me the creepy crawlers from the day I moved in. I was petrified of the basement though I was not sure why. Strange things began to happen. We were sick with no apparent reason. We heard noises and often did things we would not normally do. This went on for some months. Fall came and it got worse. My mom was literally whipped by an unseen force. She had welts to prove it!

One night we pulled into the driveway. Suddenly I got an impression of a little boy. He had been murdered there. I could see the killer and knew who it was. I also saw the little boy in my mind's eye. He was five or six years old. He wore an off white shirt with red and yellow pin stripes. He had on sky blue shorts with white stripes on the legs. I knew where he was buried as well. I knew his name was Joey.

The next day my wife drove me to the cemetery. She entered from the back so the markers faced away from us. All at once I told her to stop for we were at his grave. I walked to the front of it. The marker had a picture of a six year old blonde boy wearing an off white shirt with red and yellow pin stripes. He had on a pair of baby blue or sky blue shorts with a white stripe. His name was George with "Joey" in quotes. I was flabbergasted to say the least.

I drove to the county seat and confirmed his mode of death. Then I went to the police! I got an officer who knew my history of mental illness so I figured all bets were off. However he remembered the little boy's death and had considered it suspicious. So when I told him what I knew, he asked me how he could nail the killer. I told him to test the water in the chIld's lungs for something not found in city water or pool water. At the time such tests were not standard
procedure. I knew the child had drowned in stagnant water. The killer had told the authorities the child drowned in a swimming pool.

The officer had the test ran. The killer was confronted with the evidence and confessed to killing the child for insurance. After that we moved. The next residents reported that the house was always quiet. Apparently the demons that killed the child left when the child left.

I truly believe in energies remaining behind. I ask myself all the time what would have happened if I had not followed my heart with Joey? He lives on still as part of me.
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