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A funny story about my deceased father
 Cat in Mouth Disease  (13+)
A funny story about my deceased father
#2064976 by Chris Breva - Graduate Student

My dad was a raging alcoholic in my younger years. Fortunately he died sober. He passed on February 10, 2015. During his drinking days he was usually very cruel. However there were times when he was outright comedic. For example we heard him gasping one evening. Being concerned we went to check on him. What we found was a picture I will never forget. First of all he was wearing one of Mom's nightgowns. He later explained that it was a gift and he wanted to surprise Mom by modeling it for her. Needless to say he succeeded!

To make matters even funnier he had picked up a kitten and stuck it's head in his mouth! So there he was dressed in Mom's nightgown with a kitten sticking out of his mouth. He signaled for help with the kitten but got none until a picture was taken. Do not worry. The kitten was unharmed. Dad on the other was not. You see the kitten got anxious and went ballistic! It scratched his face to pieces before it was released. (We have some great pics of that as well.)

Needless to say he did not want to explain that to the doctors so he let his face heal on its own. He bore scars until the day he died. When anybody asked about the scars he would tell them they were from Cat in Mouth Disease!
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